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Mayon Volcano in Albay Bicol 2023: World’s Most Perfect Volcanic Cone

mayon volcano 2023

Within all of the volcanic eruptions that are located in the Philippines, the Mayon Volcano, or Mount Mayon is the most popular due to its breathtaking cone shape. It’s an amazing perspective that is available for those who participate in Mayon Volcano excursions like the ones offered through Mayon ATV tours. Mayon ATV tour is now the most sought-after activity for travelers visiting the region.

Mayon Volcano is located at an elevation of 2462m. It is located in the province of Albay within the Bicol region to the southwest region of Luzon Island. The volcano is also regarded to be the biggest active volcano in the Philippines with a history of 50 eruptions over the last 10 years.

Mayon Volcano is the highest point in the entire region, specifically within Legazpi City, and offers an incredible backdrop, no matter whether you’re located in Legazpi Province.

The legend claims that the name comes from the word “magayon” which is the Bicolano word for beautiful. This is sufficient to express the stunning natural beauty of the area from all angles.

If you’ve always dreamed of visiting the magnificent Mayon Volcano, here’s a full guide to an exciting excursion to one of the most visited tourist destinations throughout the Philippines.

Best Time to Go

Legazpi City, the most popular tourist destination for visitors up to Mayon Volcano, is best visited during the dry season from March through May. There is a significant amount of rain anticipated from July through September. 

If you’re looking to get the most out of your vacation, make sure to visit the Albay tourism destinations with the view from Mayon Volcano early in the morning so that you can avoid the huge crowds who are eager to see the stunning volcano.

If you are budget conscious In terms of budget, it is cheaper to travel during the off-peak period, which runs from November through December, when fewer tourists come to Legazpi.

How to get there

If you are taking planes to the Philippines The primary point of departure when traveling towards Legazpi, Albay, or Bicol region is Metro Manila located in Luzon. In the Visayas, there is also a way to travel to Legazpi by way of Cebu as well as Leyte. Here are some choices for getting there:

  • By Flights

Manila via a Manila Bicol plane or a Manila flight from Legazpi flight is the quickest and most convenient method for getting from Manila to Albay City. The travel duration to flight to Legazpi as well as the flights from Bicol generally takes around 1 hour and 20 mins. There are regular round-trip flight options from Bicol to Manila via Bicol and vice versa. The airport you’ll land at will be Bicol International Airport (DRP).

Alternatively, you could fly to Cebu via Legazpi flights with Philippine Airlines and Cebu Pacific.

  • By Bus

If you’re in the position of time and wish to take the journey on the land, you can catch an express train that runs from Manila towards Legazpi. The trip lasts nine hours. Be sure to reserve ahead on the most popular bus routes like Cagsawa, DLTB, and Penafrancia.

  • By Ferry

Visitors who visit Cebu originate from Leyte or Cebu There is a 12-to-15-hour journey via Cebu’s WG&A as well as Trans Asia shipping lines – both departing from Masbate Port to Legazpi, Albay.

Travel Tips

Before you plan your excursion to Mayon Volcano, it’s best to learn the following essential information to ensure an enjoyable trip:


Mayon Volcano remains active and is an obstructive force of nature. Before you plan a trip to the volcano be sure to read out the warnings and advisories issued by the Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology (PHIVOLCS).

Security precautions must be followed especially when taking an adventure or trekking up this stunning landmark.

It is essential to employ a guide while exploring trails and hiking because they are well-informed in regard to conditions in the weather and what to do in the event that an unexpected eruption of volcanic origin happens.

What to Wear

If you’re planning to take the four-wheeled Mayon ATV ride, or you want to take a hike excursion, make sure you take all of the gear you need and hiking necessities like food, water, and emergency kits, Other Nearby Attractions.

Enjoy your visit to Mayon Volcano by checking out other tourist attractions located in Legazpi as well as nearby towns or cities.

Best Mayon Volcano Tours and Activities

The stunning view of Mayon Volcano from the roads of Legazpi, Albay is definitely authentic. However, there are some tourist destinations located in Legazpi City where you can have the best views and experience of Mayon Volcano. 

There are a few tourist attractions and thrilling activities worth a visit and trying.

Cagsawa Ruins

Cagsawa Ruins

Cagsawa’s Ruins Tours provide the most famous views of Mayon Volcano that’s why it’s one of the most visited attractions in Legazpi. The church’s ruin remains are part of the fascinating and heartbreaking tales of what was once a popular building during the Spanish time. It was built by Franciscans around the 17th century.

It was destroyed by Dutch pirates and further damaged by the eruption of the volcano in 1814. It was in 2015 that the location was designated as a National Cultural Treasure by the National Museum.

Mayon 4×4 ATV Ride

Mayon 4x4 ATV Ride

The most effective way to get closer to this incredible creation is to put on your Explorer helmet (or helmet in this instance) and head toward the base of Mayon Volcano. On an ATV that is 4-wheel-drive Mayon ATV is traverse through forests, rice fields as well as volcanic rocks in a path that leads up to the peak’s Lava Wall.

There are many trails you can choose from. Each of them is filled with stunning sights while you enjoy an exhilarating ride to experience Mayon Volcano up close and in person. It’s also among the most sought-after things to do during the rainy seasons in the Philippines where the rides are more exciting as the roads are damp.

Mayon Volcano Hike/Trek

Mayon Volcano Hike/Trek

You can make your journey more adventurous by climbing to the top of the Mayon Volcano. Find a reputable guide and go on the Farmer’s Trail in which you’ll be amazed by nature at its best. It is thought that the entire path had resulted from volcanic eruptions throughout the years.

Due to the active volcano, it’s now illegal for climbers to the peak. It is no longer allowed, however, tourists are allowed to climb up until Camp 2 and beyond to “Rabbit’s Ear”. The average hike is two hours as you trek across vast fields, grasslands rivers, gullies, and streams.

It is suggested for those who are new to trekking up to Camp 1 while more experienced travelers may be able to manage to make it to Camp 2. But both are unforgettable experiences.

Ligñon Hill Nature Park

Ligñon Hill Nature Park

The 156-meter-high Ligñon Hill has always been one of Legazpi’s most renowned landmarks. For a long time, Ligñon Hill is known just for its PHIVOLCS observatory which is located on its flanks, as well as an ancient lighthouse at its top. It is now one of the city’s top spots for adventurers, sightseers, and even fitness lovers. 

For those who love to see, a 360-degree panorama across Legazpi City, Daraga, Albay Gulf, and the Mayon Volcano is available from the view deck. 

Daraga Church

Daraga Church

The church is well-known due to its Churrigueresque style of architecture on its exterior and walls which are an excellent illustration of Baroque architecture. The wall and the facade are made of volcanic rock that is abundant in the area. The white facade was made with a layer of lime in order to guard the structure against degradation. 

Visit Daraga Church and learn about the history of this historic monument which served as the refuge for the residents after the devastating 1914 Mayon Volcanic eruption.

Kawa Kawa Hill

Kawa Kawa Hill

Kawa-Kawa Hill is a huge 25-hectare region that was converted into a natural park with the aim of making this one of Albay’s most sought-after tourist destinations. The barangay is quiet in Tuburan, Ligao City, this hill, which appears to be a crater is known as Kawa Kawa. Kawa Kawa because it also appears to be a cauldron, or a kawa when we refer to it in the local dialect.

If you’re looking to find things you can do for no cost traveling in Bicol, Kawa-Kawa Hill and Natural Park is something that could be added to your agenda. It is also visited by devotees of the faith and many people make it a routine to go here each Holy Week. 

Enjoy a relaxing afternoon climbing and enjoy the sunset at the site of pilgrimage Kawa-Kawa Hill.

Misibis Bay Resort

Misibis Bay Resort

It is located in the Misibis Bay Resort a big, luxurious resort that has many facilities on-site and a stunning position. The resort is situated on a private beach just 45 minute’s drive or 30-minute speedboat journey from Legazpi city, which is a remote location but close to many local tourist attractions. 

The facilities on the premises are numerous, including a huge variety of watersports, snorkeling as well as diving tours, exploring the surrounding area by mountain bikes or dune buggy or Segway, as well as the option of a helicopter tour across Legazpi City and the daunting Mayon Volcano. 

The hotel is a clean contemporary design, with modern amenities, and the rooms are large and comfortable, with views of ocean views. Pacific Ocean. The resort itself is equipped with everything you require, including bars, restaurants as well as a fitness center spa as well as three swimming pools. Enjoy a day of sun at the beautiful white beach of the extravagant Misibis Bay Resort.

Sumlang Lake

Sumlang Lake

The captivating beauty of the Volcano from Sumlang Lake. Sumlang Lake is a 14-hectare lake that was awash with flowers from every angle during the past. But the people living in the village realized its beauty and its potential to become a desirable location for tourists. 

The villagers, with the backing of the local government, carried out a huge cleanup just three years ago, and that’s when the lake’s real beauty was revealed. Furthermore, the perspective at Mount Mayon on its back only adds more to the picturesque view.

Legazpi Boulevard

Legazpi Boulevard

Explore the area and observe the lively and lively life in the area when you stroll along Legazpi Boulevard. A few of the most stunning roadside views in the Philippines are located at Legazpi City. In the northern portion in the northern part of Legazpi Boulevard, the spectacular views of Katipunan Hill are breathtaking.

Mayon Volcano and Katipunan Hill connect the natural beauty of the road. In addition, the Albay Gulf and its islands located to the east of the boulevard provide additional beauty to the coastal road network. Since it runs from the central city’s business districts as well as the port area to the barangays of the southern region and showcases the mountain ranges of Sorsogon located in the south.

Quitinday Green Hills

Quitinday Green Hills

Discover the incredible mountains of Bicol’s distinctive Chocolate Hills. Quitinday Hills is situated in the same town situated inside the municipality of Camalig, Albay. 

It is a large area of land which is around 400 hectares of beautiful hills or mounds which are similar to Bohol’s famous Chocolate Hills of Bohol. It’s similar to the two most well-known Philippine places breathtaking and dramatic.

Albay Park and Wildlife

Albay Park and Wildlife

Enjoy a family exciting day with the family at Albay Park and Wildlife – an area where children or old can enjoy the fun. There are many animals to see, including the Philippine Hawk Eagle, crocodiles exotic pigeons, exotic crocodiles, and other animals can present.

See Mayon Volcano Up Close

Mayon Volcano is an amazing sight to behold. Beyond its beauty lie many years of folklore and rich history – adding to its unquestionable beauty and mysterious nature. This is why it’s the preferred subject of travelers and photographers across the world. It’s the ideal centerpiece for the landscape in Albay and Bicol generally.

No matter if you’re a lover of nature or a lover of adventure visiting this stunning attraction is sure to bring your heart to one beat. It is a must to include Mayon Volcano in your list of must-see tourist destinations throughout the Philippines.


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