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Villa Escudero: A Hidden Paradise of the 1980s

villa escudero

“Villa Escudero Itself”

Villa Escudero

Villa Escudero

Nestled in the lush heart of the Philippines, Villa Escudero is a mesmerizing destination that seamlessly weaves together the elements of nature, culture, history, and adventure to create an unparalleled paradise for travelers. This unique estate, situated in Tiaong, Quezon Province, offers an unforgettable experience that transcends typical vacation getaways.

“Birth of the Villa”

Villa Escudero

Villa Escudero

Villa Escudero, located in the Philippines, is a historic estate with a rich and colorful history.
Established in the 1880s, it was originally a sugar plantation owned by the Escudero family. Don
Placido Escudero, the patriarch, laid the foundation for this grand estate. His vision was to
transform the vast lands into a thriving agricultural enterprise, producing sugarcane and

The estate played a significant role in the development of the local economy, as it became one
of the pioneering sugarcane farms in the country. For many years, Villa Escudero served as an
essential source of livelihood for the surrounding communities, providing employment
opportunities and contributing to the region’s growth.

In the early 1980s, the Escudero family opened their ancestral home and the
surrounding estate to the public, transforming it into a unique cultural and heritage destination.
Today, Villa Escudero is renowned for its striking cultural presentations, including the
famous waterfall restaurant, where visitors can enjoy a meal while their feet are submerged in
flowing water, the estate’s museum showcases a rich collection of Filipino artifacts, historical
memorabilia, and art, providing a glimpse into the country’s vibrant past. Villa Escudero has
become a popular tourist attraction and cultural hub, drawing visitors abroad.

This transformation from a sugar plantation into a cultural and heritage destination exemplifies
Villa Escudero‘s commitment to preserving the Philippine rich heritage and sharing it with the
world. Its historical significance, natural beauty, and attractiveness continue to make it a must-visit destination for travelers seeking a taste of Filipino history and culture. Villa Escudero‘s history is as intriguing as its cultural displays. Founded in the early 20th century, it originally served as a coconut plantation. Over time, it evolved into a beautiful resort that symbolizes Filipino heritage and warm hospitality.

“Why Choose Villa Escudero”

1. Dining at the Waterfall Restaurant

The Labassin Waterfall Restaurant in Villa Escudero is an enchanting and captivating dining
experience that blends natural beauty with mouth-watering Filipino cuisine. This
extraordinary restaurant is nestled at the foot of a picturesque waterfall, allowing guests to
enjoy their meal with crystal-clear spring water flowing over their feet.

Villa Escudero - Waterfall Restaurant

Villa Escudero – Waterfall Restaurant

Villa Escudero - Waterfall Restaurant

Villa Escudero – Waterfall Restaurant

The enchantment begins as you wade through the shallow river to your bamboo dining table,
carefully placed amidst the cascading water. The cool, rushing water, combined with the lush
greenery that surrounds you, creates a serene and magical atmosphere. The sound of the
waterfall provides a soothing backdrop, making it an incredibly unique dining setting.
The Labassin Waterfall Restaurant serves a delectable eat-all-you-can buffet, offering a
delightful array of traditional Filipino dishes.

Guests can savor the flavors of adobo (marinated
meat in soy sauce and vinegar), kare-kare (a savory stew made with oxtail and vegetables in a
rich peanut sauce), sinigang (a tangy tamarind-based soup), and crispy pata (deep-fried pork
knuckles), to name just a few. Freshly grilled seafood, a variety of vegetable dishes, and tropical
fruits are also part of the spread, ensuring a diverse culinary experience, the combination of
this natural wonder and the sumptuous feast creates a captivating and unforgettable dining
adventure. Visitors can revel in the flavors of the Philippines while being surrounded by the
country’s lush and pristine landscape.

2. The Day Tour

The day tour around Villa Escudero is a captivating and culturally immersive experience that
allows visitors to explore the breathtaking natural beauty of the estate, all while being
serenaded by the melodious tunes of native songs played on a guitar by a guide wearing a
traditional native hat. This guided tour is often conducted on a carriage drawn by a majestic
carabao and is a delightful journey through the lush, verdant surroundings of Villa Escudero.

Villa Escudero - Carabao ride

Villa Escudero – Carabao ride

Villa Escudero - Carabao ride
Villa Escudero - Carabao Ride

Villa Escudero – Carabao Ride

As you embark on this tour, you’ll be surrounded by an array of tall and magnificent trees, such
as towering coconut palms and century-old Narra trees that provide ample shade and create a
cool, serene atmosphere. The sight of these grand trees, many with their massive canopies, is
nothing short of awe-inspiring, the estate is also home to a diverse collection of rare and exotic
plants, adding a touch of botanical fascination to the tour. You’ll come across vibrant orchids,
intricate ferns, and unique species that thrive in the tropical climate, insects and butterflies flit
about, adding to the enchantment of this natural wonderland.

The tour is an
opportunity to appreciate the grandeur of these towering trees and rare flora but also to
observe the local insect and butterfly species that call this place home.
The tour winds through beautiful gardens and scenic pathways, where you’ll encounter a
profusion of vibrant flowers in a riot of colors. The floral variety is astounding, from delicate
orchids to brilliant hibiscus and their fragrant blooms perfume the air, creating a sensory
delight, Villa Escudero‘s architecture and design also add to the enchantment.

The traditional
Filipino-inspired structures are surrounded by beautifully landscaped gardens, creating a
harmonious blend of natural beauty and cultural heritage, the day tour around Villa Escudero is
a truly captivating experience that combines the allure of nature with the charm of Filipino

3. Philippine Culture and Experience Show

Villa Escudero offers an enchanting array of cultural shows that are the epitome of captivating
and alluring, making the Philippine Experience Show a must-see attraction. These performances
are a journey into the heart and soul of Filipino culture, providing an immersive experience that
is both entertaining and educational.

Villa Escudero - Culture show

Villa Escudero – Culture show

Villa Escudero - Culture show
Villa Escudero - Culture show

Villa Escudero – Culture show

One of the standout shows at Villa Escudero is the Philippine Experience Show, a captivating
spectacle that takes visitors on a cultural voyage through time. This show typically features
traditional Filipino dances, such as the Tinikling, where agile dancers skillfully maneuver
between bamboo poles, and the graceful Singkil, a royal courtship dance.

These performances
are a true celebration of the Philippines’ rich heritage and history, leaving audiences
mesmerized by the intricate choreography, vibrant costumes, and infectious rhythms.
The show also includes a reenactment of historical events, showcasing the nation’s journey
from pre-colonial times to the Spanish era and onwards to the struggles and triumphs of the
Filipino people.

Through music, dance, and storytelling, the Philippine Experience Show brings
to life the essence of Filipino identity and resilience, and in addition to this captivating highlight,
Villa Escudero features other cultural performances that vary, such as folk songs played with
traditional instruments like the kulintang and rondalla.

These shows not only entertain but also
provide valuable insights into the Philippines’ diverse cultural tapestry, the entire experience at
Villa Escudero, including its cultural shows, is a blend of art, history, and entertainment that
immerses visitors in the captivating world of Filipino heritage. It’s a perfect opportunity to delve
deep into the alluring charm of the Philippines’ rich cultural traditions.

4. The Museum

The museum at Villa Escudero is a treasure trove of Filipino history and culture,
beckoning historians and enthusiasts to embark on a captivating journey through the annals of
this beautiful nation. Housing an eclectic collection of artifacts, memorabilia, and unique
objects, this museum offers a remarkable window into the rich heritage of the Philippines.

Villa Escudero - Museum

Villa Escudero – Museum

Villa Escudero - Museum
Villa Escudero - Museum

Villa Escudero – Museum

One of the museum’s highlights is an extensive display of pre-colonial artifacts, showcasing
ancient pottery, tools, and weaponry that provide insights into the indigenous cultures that
thrived before the arrival of Spanish colonizers.

These ancient relics help piece together the
puzzle of the Philippines’ pre-Spanish history, making it a mecca for archaeology enthusiasts.
Visitors will also find a fascinating array of memorabilia from the colonial era, including antique
furniture, period clothing, and religious artifacts that offer a glimpse into the Spanish colonial

The presence of centuries-old manuscripts and documents adds another layer to the
historical tapestry of the region, the museum’s contemporary Filipino art collection is equally
enticing, featuring works by celebrated artists, and providing a reflection of the country’s vibrant
arts scene.

Additionally, there are sections dedicated to the Philippine Revolution against
Spanish colonial rule and the struggle for independence, with rare photographs and documents
that narrate the nation’s journey to freedom, one unique feature of the museum is the
inclusion of displays related to the Hacienda Era, which offers a glimpse into the history of Villa
itself and the Escudero family’s contributions to the local community.

mementos and photographs of the family are showcased, creating a sense of connection
between the estate’s history and the larger narrative of the Philippines. the museum at Villa
is a captivating journey through time, a place where history and culture are lovingly
preserved and shared.

5. Bamboo rafting

Bamboo rafting at Villa Escudero is a thrilling and immersive adventure that beckons nature
lovers and adventurers to explore the stunning natural beauty of the Philippines. This unique
activity takes place on the serene Labassin River, where guests can embark on a journey
through lush tropical landscapes on traditional bamboo rafts.

Villa Escudero – Bamboo rafting

Villa Escudero – Bamboo rafting

As you glide down the river, you’ll be surrounded by an abundance of exotic flora and fauna.
Nature enthusiasts will be thrilled to spot various bird species like kingfishers, herons, and
egrets, which nest along the riverbanks. Their vibrant plumage and graceful movements add a
splash of color and elegance to the verdant scenery, the river also hosts a diverse range of
freshwater fish, including tilapia and carp.

Fishing enthusiasts can observe these aquatic
creatures in their natural habitat, and with a bit of luck, may even spot some of the larger, more
elusive species that call the river home, what makes this experience truly exciting is the
soothing rhythm of the bamboo raft gently rocking on the water, allowing you to soak in the
serenity of the surroundings. The sounds of nature, the rustling leaves, and the gentle flow of
the river create a tranquil atmosphere that’s perfect for relaxation and reflection.

Bamboo rafting at Villa Escudero offers a unique opportunity to connect with nature in an
adventurous and immersive way. Whether you’re an avid birder, a fish enthusiast, or simply
someone who appreciates the beauty of the great outdoors, this experience promises to be an
unforgettable journey into the heart of the Philippines’ natural wonders.

6. Swimming Pool

The swimming pool at Villa Escudero is a veritable aquatic paradise that promises to delight kids
and adults alike, offering the perfect respite from the tropical heat of the Philippines. Nestled in
the heart of the estate, this pool is an enticing oasis that beckons visitors to take a refreshing
dip and have a splashing good time.

Villa Escudero - Swimming pool

Villa Escudero – Swimming pool

Villa Escudero – Swimming pool

On the other hand, kids are in for an exhilarating experience. The children’s section of the pool features whimsical water features, playful slides, and shallow areas perfect for wading. It’s a joyful wonderland where youngsters can let their imaginations run wild and have endless fun in the water, surrounded by comfortable loungers, the pool area provides a perfect spot to sip on refreshing beverages, read a book, or simply enjoy the serene ambiance.

It’s a hub of leisure and recreation that appeals to visitors of all ages, with its inviting blue waters, lush surroundings, and the promise of sheer relaxation, the swimming pool at Villa Escudero is an enticing destination for anyone seeking respite and recreation in a tropical paradise. Whether you’re a family with kids or adults looking for a tranquil escape, this pool is sure to make your visit a memorable and refreshing experience.

“How to get from Manila to Villa Escudero.”

Private Vehicle (Car or Motorcycle)

Start in Manila and head south on the South Luzon Expressway (SLEX). You can access the SLEX from various points in Manila, including EDSA and the Skyway, continue SLEX until you reach the Calamba exit (Exit 50). Take the Calamba exit, and you will end up on the National Highway, follow the National Highway towards San Pablo City. You’ll pass through various towns and landmarks like Calamba, Los Baños, Bay, and Victoria, reaching San Pablo City, and continue along the National Highway until you see the signboard pointing to Villa Escudero. Turn right at the entrance road.


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