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Top 10 Best Tourist Spots in Davao City

davao tourist spots

A guide to the top 10 Best Tourist Spots in Davao City – The Durian Capital of the Philippines.

An article written by: Roselle Faye S. Haban

Visit Davao and be amazed by the amount of things waiting for you. Find the most popular things to do in this gorgeous province and what foods or drinks you should taste while visiting Davao by reading this blog.

A very popular tourist destinations of the Philippines is Davao City. Davao City is the perfect combination of both man-made and natural attractions. Davao International Airport makes it accessible from other destinations for tourists.

Kadayawan Festival - Best Tourist Spots in Davao City
Kadayawan Festival – Best Tourist Spots in Davao City

From beaches to parks and conservation centers for endangered animals to outdoor activities and a feast of delicious local food, top-quality Davao hotels and the famed Kadayawan Festival, Davao is a paradise with that offers you everything. Find out the best attractions and activities in Davao City that you must include on your bucket list.

The Davaoeños  from Davao City, just like the rest of Filipinos are warm and welcoming. They make visitors feel like they are at the home of their guests. They are so welcoming and friendly, especially when they realize that the person they’re talking is a new visitor or a tourist to the area. They are willing to provide directions and help to people who come to the city.

Things To Do In The Top 10 Best Tourist Spots in Davao City

1. Discover Samal island – Best Tourist Spots in Davao City

Get away from the hum from the cities and go towards Samal Island. The island is often the preferred destination of those who travel to this region of the country. It is an excellent place for island-hopping in the Philippines. It also hosts many Samal Beach Resorts on the island. Hagimit Falls is one of the many beautiful spots to unwind and relax. The waterfall may be too crowded for certain people, but it retains its natural beauty. Take a leap onto one of the rocks to the pool, swim or snap photos.

Samal Island - Best Tourist Spots in Davao City
Samal Island – Best Tourist Spots in Davao City

Climb up Mt. Puting Bato to work up some sweat and enjoy beautiful panoramic views. There are numerous resorts and beaches here that you can work on your sun-kissed look, nap, and swim into the waters. It is also possible to include Monfort Bat Cave to your itinerary. They offer a night-time engagement in which you can witness them emerge from the caves! It’s an excellent way to interact with these animals. But flash photography isn’t allowed since it can cause disturbance to the animals.

2. Explore Eden Nature Park – Best Tourist Spots in Davao City

If you’re looking to be in touch with nature, you must go to this place. Eden Nature Park and Resort in Davao City have been named after the famous Biblical Garden, Garden of Eden.

Eden Nature Park - Best Tourist Spots in Davao City
Eden Nature Park – Best Tourist Spots in Davao City

Try out Eden Nature Park activities is highly recommended as the tranquility and tropical climate is sure to relieve anyone’s tension from the pressure or noises of the bustling city. If you’re looking to relax in solitude or have a relaxing time with family and friends, taking the tour through Eden Nature Park is worth the effort.

The nature park is an accommodation. The park has a 24 hour receptionist and an outdoor pool and a buffet breakfast. The rooms come with flat-screen televisions and a wardrobe, bathroom with a private bath and much more. The park is a great place to stay, and it gives you the ability to access everything it has to offer, which is the perfect opportunity to bond with loved ones on your visit to Davao.

3. Relax at Malagos Garden Resort and Chocolate Museum – Best Tourist Spots in Davao City

One of the most popular places to visit among the top 10 best tourist attractions in Davao can be found at the Malagos Garden Resort. It’s a 12 hectare Davao nature-themed park that is the perfect location for visitors who wish to take in the natural surroundings and at the same take peace in the tranquility of the region.

Malagos Garden Resort and Chocolate Museum - Best Tourist Spots in Davao City
Malagos Garden Resort and Chocolate Museum – Best Tourist Spots in Davao City

Have the opportunity to take care of animals from the petting farm, learn about the behavior of butterflies in the butterfly sanctuary, or enjoy a fun outdoor game for kids and younger people to take the Malagos Garden tour.

Alongside these natural spots, Malagos is also home to the Philippines the oldest chocolate factory. The famous tree-to-bark-chocolate from Malagos is produced and exported to countries in Japan particularly. Malagos also houses the Mindanao Contemporary Art Gallery that provides art and historical information to learn about Mindanao’s rich cultural heritage.

4. Witness the Reptiles in Crocodile Park – Best Tourist Spots in Davao City

It is the Davao Crocodile Park is among the most popular tourist spots included in a Davao wildlife tour. This location showcases “state of the art” farming of crocodiles in the countryside equipped with the latest equipment and infrastructure.

Davao Crocodile Park - Best Tourist Spots in Davao City
Davao Crocodile Park – Best Tourist Spots in Davao City

The park is home for hundreds of crocodiles- both saltwater and freshwater reptiles. They breed and born in the park. Visitors can also explore the incubator in which hundreds of crocodile eggs are kept. Apart from crocodiles, Davao Crocodile Park is also home to various species of monkeys, birds and snakes as well as other reptiles. They also provide seminars, educational opportunities and awareness about wildlife conservation.

There are numerous food stands and souvenir shops right within the park. If you are a chef, there is a guy selling unique kinds of ice cream such as durian crocodile, crocodile tea as well as crocodile roll and chocolate Ostrich in any of the food stand.

5. Visit the Philippine Eagle Center – Best Tourist Spots in Davao City

Every penny donated towards the Philippine Eagle Center is spent to protect the bird that is the national of the country. The center has dedicated its efforts and resources to safeguard the species that is endangered while also offering a thrilling and enjoyable venue for both visitors and locals.

The Philippine Eagle Center - Best Tourist Spots in Davao City
The Philippine Eagle Center – Best Tourist Spots in Davao City

The center is the home of the home of 36 Philippine Eagles, with 18 of them being captive-bred. It also serves as an area of sanctuary for ten different species of birds and four species of mammals as well as two reptile species. It is a well-known attraction for sustainable tourism which is included in an Farm tour that takes place within Davao City.

The birds can be observed by visitors consume raw meat by cutting it up with their beaks and claws. The center also gives visitors an opportunity to see the eagles freely move around the property and capture photographs that are not close.

6. Unwind in People’s Park Davao – Best Tourist Spots in Davao City

Take a trip to Davao People’s Park, one of the Philippines most sought-after parks. It’s among the most clean and most lush parks in the world. Its Durian Dome is among the parks’ highlights and is among the most popular landmarks in Davao.

People's Park - Best Tourist Spots in Davao City
People’s Park – Best Tourist Spots in Davao City

Take advantage of the nightlife in the park and see the walls of the park lit up by “waling-waling”. Table picnics can also be found at the People’s Park for children, however, the majority of people eat in the fields or beside the ponds, which are adorned with huge sculptures.

Fitness facilities are also accessible to anyone who is looking to be active. On the other part of the park, there is a learning center for adults and children. There is also the Sunken Garden, the garden refuge, and The Children’s Library that are located in one area and all ages are welcome to read their books at any time they want.

The Philippine Eagle reproduction is one of the most noteworthy of the main sculptures. Kids can enjoy swings slide, monkey bars, slides and more at the children’s play area.

7. Enjoy the Bird’s-eye View at Jack’s Ridge – Best Tourist Spots in Davao City

Jack’s Ridge is where you should go for panoramic views from Davao City. In addition to the breathtaking views, visitors will enjoy two restaurants in the area.

Jack's Ridge - Best Tourist Spots in Davao City
Jack’s Ridge – Best Tourist Spots in Davao City

Jack’s Ridge is a piece of the Philippine history too. It was originally utilized as a headquarters for the fleeing Japanese throughout the Second World War. A century later the Jack’s Ridge is brimming with memories of the years that followed.

Caves were dug in the area near the Japanese pocket marks and sometimes people find military materials in fertile soil. There is a myth that in the caves lie gold bullions as well as other treasures that the Japanese brought from other nations that they brought back to Davao. Whatever the truth about it, Jack’s Ridge retains the characteristic which made it a crucial location for the Japanese forces that were retreating. Japanese forces.

8. Eat at Roxas Night Market – Best Tourist Spots in Davao City

Explore the diverse cuisines Davao City has to offer by visiting Davao’s Roxas Avenue Night Market. The various stalls of the famous night market house fresh and cooked varieties of vegetables, seafood meat, and much more. Enjoy the hot soup, or chat with your companions while enjoying a barbecue grill.

Roxas Night Market - Best Tourist Spots in Davao City
Roxas Night Market – Best Tourist Spots in Davao City

The prices are reasonable and the place is a buzzing atmosphere. Tables are set close to one another for an intimate feel. However, since there’s no space to wash plates, the tables get encased in plastic and customers can put gloves made of plastic on their fingers.

After the food stalls have shut, the clothing and accessories stores begin. If you’d like to do some shopping take advantage of it!

The Roxas Avenue Night Market is located between Ateneo De Davao University and Aldevenco Shopping Center. Explore the city during the day while taking part in some “pasalubong” shopping and then visit the market at night to satisfy your appetite.

9. Spend Time at Museo Dabawenyo – Best Tourist Spots in Davao City

The Museo Dabawenyo, also called The Museum of the People of Davao, is considered to be one of the most popular institutions in the Philippines. This museum is officially called The Court of First Instance and was renovated and restored to display the diversity of culture and extensive heritage of Davao City.

Museo Dabawenyo - Best Tourist Spots in Davao City
Museo Dabawenyo – Best Tourist Spots in Davao City

In this museum visitors can view stilt replicas of homes, weapons as well as musical instruments used for indigenous music by the locals. The museum also has a large collection of antiques, including chairs, armors, lamps, and crowns of the Moro People as well as traditional Filipino clothes, Filipino bills, musical notes, clothing and other items. The Dabawenyo Museum is situated on Fr. Salga Road Pichon Avenue, just several meters away far from Bonifacio Rotunda and the Osmena Parks. It is open from 9AM until 12NN from Tuesday through Sunday and from 1PM to 6 pm on Mondays.

10. Hike at Mt. Apo — The Highest Mountain in the Philippines

The last in the list for the best tourist spots in Davao City is the Mt. Apo. An excursion towards Davao City is not complete without visiting the King of the Philippine Peaks or Mount Apo. Mount Apo is at the top of the list of most prominent Mountains within Southeast Asia, and it is at an altitude at 10,311 feet. Prior to reaching the summit of Mount Apo, there is a lake in the crater formed by volcanic activities.

Mt. Apo - Best Tourist Spots in Davao City
Mt. Apo – Best Tourist Spots in Davao City

Seven peaks can be seen on Mt. Apo’s summit. It is possible to see the stunning sunrise and sunset in perfect weather. The view will be an expansive view of South Cotabato’s Mount Matutum, Lake Venado, and more.

Going to Mt. Apo is among the activities you must try when you are in Davao. There are a variety of trails that you can pick between, which is based on the difficulty level. Due to the difficulty of climbing up the hill, it’s recommended for experienced climbers only. The most experienced mountain climbers can reach the summit in March, April and October. Many mountain climbing groups and tours organize mountain climbing activities.

How to Get to Davao City, Philippines

The easiest way to get to Davao City, Philippines, is via plane, which is through Francisco Bangoy International Airport. This airport also called Davao International Airport catering to international and domestic flights that fly into Davao City. Singapore Airlines, with its regional airlines Silk Air and Cebu Pacific is currently serving this city via Singapore.

Best Tourist Spots in Davao City - The Durian Capital of the Philippines
Davao City Best Tourist Spots – The Durian Capital of the Philippines

Many direct flights are operating from the major cities of the country.

Getting Everywhere in Davao City, Philippines

1. Car Rentals

The best method of traveling about Davao City, Philippines, is to rent a car. There are many car rental companies. are also available. Another alternative to taxis and jeepneys is to lease a vehicle. There are many vehicles available to rental. If you’re not familiar with the best routes, you can get drivers hired by asking the person who runs the company that rents them. Local businesses tend to be less expensive than national companies.

Taxi - Best Tourist Spots in Davao City
Taxi – Davao City Best Tourist Spots

Another efficient and speediest method of moving around the city is to take a Taxi. Taxis are metered and some even give receipts to passengers.

2. Jeepney

If you’re not in a rush and desire to explore much more of your city then consider a jeepney that is colorful. You can ask your hotel staff or anyone you encounter on the street which direction to follow to avoid getting lost.

Jeepney in Davao City - Best Tourist Spots in Davao City
Jeepney in Davao City – Davao City Best Tourist Spots

To pay, you just need to speak “bayad po” and simply pay the person in front of you. Once you have reached your destination, simply shout “lugar lang” or knock your coins onto the handle made of steel to draw an attention from the driver. Finally, then say “para.”


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