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Discovering Iligan City’s Diyandi Festival

diyandi festival 2023

What is the Diyandi festival?

The Diyandi Festival is an annual celebration held in Iligan City, Philippines, every year in September, in celebration of the patron saint of Iligan City of St. Michael the Archangel. The festival is a vibrant and lively event that celebrates the rich heritage, culture, and customs of Iligan City and its inhabitants.

The term “Diyandi” is derived from the Visayan word “diyandi,” which means “to celebrate” or “to revel.” The festival is also referred to in the form of the “Lanzones Festival” because it coincides with harvest time which is the season for local fruits, Lanzones.

In the course of the festival, the roads are filled with people. Iligan City comes alive with diverse activities like street dancing contests for beauty, parades, and cultural performances. Participants, in vibrant costumes, dance, and dance to the rhythm of traditional music showing the distinct cultural identity of Iliganons.

One of the main attractions for the fest is “Hudyakaan sa Diyandi,” an event on the street where residents and visitors can have local cuisine, beverages, and live music. The festival also includes an impressive fireworks show, concluding the entire week-long celebration.

Overall, this Diyandi Festival is an exciting and exciting celebration of the rich heritage and rich culture that are part of Iligan City and is certainly worth attending if you are ever within the month of September.

Diyandi festival place of origin

It is believed that the Diyandi Festival originated in Iligan City, which is an urban city located in the Northern Mindanao region of the Philippines. It is an opportunity to celebrate the city’s patron saint Saint. Michael the Archangel, and also it is rich in culture and customs. This festival has been an element of Iligan culture and tradition for many years and is still held every year until today.

Diyandi festival Features

The Diyandi Festival is a cultural and religious festival that takes place every year throughout the year in Iligan City, located in the northern region of Mindanao island in the Philippines. Here are a few of the highlights of the festival:

Religion A religious celebration Diyandi Festival is a celebration of the patron saint of Iligan City, St. Michael the Archangel. The festival is a celebration of Iligan City’s religious fervor through a variety of rituals, processions, and prayers.

1. Street dancing

Street dancing - Diyandi Festival
Street dancing – Diyandi Festival

One of the most important aspects of the event is the street dance parade. Participants dress in vibrant and elaborate costumes and move around the city to the rhythm of brass instruments and other instruments. Street dancing is the main highlight of the fest.

2. Fairs

Fairs - Diyandi Festival
Fairs – Diyandi Festival

An event is held in the course of the celebration. It is a place where traders from cities and nearby regions present their products and services. The fair showcases local products, foods, and other items and offers the chance for guests to gain insight into the city’s culture and customs.

3. Cultural performances

Cultural performances - Diyandi Festival
Cultural performances – Diyandi Festival

In addition to performing street dances, cultural performances like theatrical and singing shows are held throughout the event. The shows highlight the city’s culture and arts and highlight the talents of its citizens.

4. Fireworks display

Fireworks display - Diyandi Festival
Fireworks display – Diyandi Festival

A spectacular fireworks display Diyandi Festival culminates with a spectacular fireworks display, creating an atmosphere of joy within the town.

It is a celebration of the Diyandi Festival. Diyandi Festival is a colorful and energetic event that celebrates the city’s distinct culture as well as its traditions and religion. It’s a chance for people to display their love for the patron saint of their lives and show off their talents and creativity to the public.

Where is the Diyandi Festival Celebrated?

It is believed that the Diyandi Festival is celebrated in Iligan City, located in the northern portion of the Island that is Mindanao located in the Philippines. Iligan City is known as the “City of Majestic Waterfalls” and is a sought-after tourist destination because of its natural wonders like Maria Cristina Falls, Tinago Falls along with Mimbalot Falls.

The Diyandi Festival is a major religious and cultural event within Iligan City, held annually to honor the saint of Iligan City, the patron saint of the city is St. Michael the Archangel. The festival typically takes place during the final week of September and includes diverse events like street dance, processions, and cultural performances as well as trade fairs and fireworks displays.

It is believed that the Diyandi Festival has become an integral element of the city’s identity and showcases its distinct traditions and culture. It also provides an opportunity for residents of Iligan to show off their talent, creativity, and local businesses to tourists.

What is the major highlight of Diyandi?

The most significant aspect of the Diyandi Festival is the street dancing parade. Diyandi Festival is a street dance parade. It’s an exciting and vibrant event that has participants dressed in extravagant costumes who dance to the rhythm of the brass band, as well as various other musical instruments.

The parade of street dancers is a competitive event among the groups that have been working for months to prepare for the event, to showcase their talent and creativity.

The parade of street dancers is an important element of the festival. It attracts huge crowds of people who attend to watch the lively and energetic performance. There are other activities like processions and cultural performances, trade fairs, and the display of fireworks, however, the parade of street dancers are regarded as the primary highlight during this year’s Diyandi Festival.

Diyandi Festival Costumes

The costumes that are worn during the Diyandi Festival are a must. Diyandi Festival is an integral element of the festival because they show the imagination and talent of the participants. The festival has a variety of costumes that represent various aspects of the city’s culture and traditions. Here are a few of the most sought-after Diyandi Festival costumes:

Moro-Moro costume:

Moro-Moro costume - Diyandi Festival
Moro-Moro costume – Diyandi Festival

This one represents the Moro culture which is an Islamic culture that is prevalent throughout the south of the Philippines. The Moro-moro costume is characterized by an attractive headdress as well as a brightly colored sarong, or malong.


Lumad - Diyandi Festival
Lumad – Diyandi Festival

The Lumad costume is a representation of the people who are indigenous to Iligan City. It’s brightly colored traditional clothing as well as accessories like bags and hats made of woven.


Vinta - Diyandi Festival
Vinta – Diyandi Festival

Vinta costume is a traditional vessel used by the inhabitants of Iligan City for fishing and transport. The costume has a colorful, flowing, and vibrant garment and a headdress that resembles the shape of a Vinta boat.


Modern - Diyandi Festival
Modern – Diyandi Festival

Many groups participating in the parade of street dancers select contemporary costumes that show off their uniqueness and modern fashion. The costumes can feature striking colors, intricate patterns, and distinctive designs.

The costumes worn at Diyandi Festival are often handmade. Diyandi Festival is often handmade and requires months of work by the dancers. They are meticulously detailed and the vivid colors of the costumes add to the festive ambiance of the festival and create a street dancing parade and spectacular experience.

What is the significance behind this festival? Diyandi Festival?

It is believed that the Diyandi Festival is significant to the inhabitants of Iligan City, Philippines as it celebrates their history, culture, and religion. The festival is celebrated annually to commemorate Saint. Michael the Archangel, the patron saint of the city, is a chance for people to acknowledge the blessings they have received and to seek out divine guidance and protection.

It also serves as an occasion to celebrate the resilience of the city when faced with natural disasters and other difficulties. In addition, the festival draws tourists from all over the Philippines as well as from other countries which contributes to the tourism industry of the city as well as showing its unique heritage in the eyes of the entire world.

The Diyandi Festival History

It is believed that the Diyandi Festival is an annual celebration that is held in Iligan City, Philippines, to commemorate Saint. Michael the Archangel, the patron saint of the city. It has a rich background that dates back to the precolonial era in which the indigenous people from Iligan City would hold thanksgiving ceremonies to honor their goddesses and gods. An era in which native peoples of Iligan City would hold thanksgiving ceremonies to honor their gods and goddesses

In the course of Spanish occupation, Catholicism came to Iligan City, and the traditional thanksgiving ceremonies were replaced by religious ceremonies and feasts in honor of Saint. Michael the Archangel. The Diyandi Festival was formally established in 1982. Since that time, it has been an annual event that celebrates Iligan City’s culture, traditions, and beliefs in religion.

The festival has experienced a number of modifications and changes throughout the years, including the introduction of a street dance parade that is now the primary highlight of the festival. It has also evolved into an opportunity to promote Iligan City’s tourism industry drawing tourists from all over the Philippines and around the world.

Today, this year’s Diyandi Festival is a vibrant and vibrant celebration that is a reflection of Iligan City’s distinctive tradition and identity. It’s a testimony to the strength and imagination of the residents who live in Iligan City and their unwavering commitment to the patron saint of Iligan City, St. Michael the Archangel.

Diyandi Festival Travel Tips!

  • Get your accommodations booked in advance: Because the Diyandi Festival is a popular festival, accommodation available in Iligan City can fill up quickly. It is best to book your accommodation as soon as you can to guarantee availability.
  • Dress comfortably for the festival: It is a long walk and standing, which is why it’s crucial to wear comfortable clothes and shoes. In addition, the event is extremely hot, so it’s suggested to wear lightweight and breathable clothes.
  • Cash: While certain establishments will take credit card payments, it’s better to carry cash to purchase items during the festival. A lot of food and souvenir vendors don’t offer credit card services. ATMs are difficult to find.
  • Be ready for crowds Be prepared for crowds: The Diyandi Festival attracts a large number of people, so it’s crucial to be ready for crowds. It’s recommended that you arrive early in order to find a suitable place to watch the street dancing parade and prepare your schedule in advance.
  • Respect local customs and traditions: Respect local customs: Diyandi Festival is a religious and cultural festival, therefore it’s essential to observe local customs and customs. Be modest, do not litter, and pay attention to the people who are around you.

Following these suggestions ensures you have a memorable and enjoyable experience during this year’s Diyandi Festival in Iligan City.

Things that are allowed and not during Diyandi Festival

It is the Diyandi Festival in Iligan City Also called The Feast of St. Michael the Archangel is a festival that is celebrated every year on September 29. Here are some of the things which are typically allowed and not permitted during the celebration:


  • Making videos and photos of the festival.
  • Food and beverages from licensed vendors.
  • Participation in the street dance parade (if not registered).
  • Bring small backpacks or bags for personal things.
  • Wearing comfortable clothes and shoes.

It is not allowed:

  • Bring weapons or sharp objects.
  • The use of illegal substances or drugs.
  • Bring food and beverages from outside (unless needed for medical reasons).
  • Smoking in designated areas that are not for smoking.
  • Interfering with or disrupting performers at festivals or props.
  • Inappropriate or provocative clothes.
  • Bring big bags, backpacks, or large suitcases.
  • Bring pets or other animals.

It’s essential to follow the guidelines below to guarantee security and enjoyment for everyone attending Diyandi Festival. Diyandi Festival in Iligan City.

Experience the beauty of Iligan and the benefits the Diyandi Festival Can Offer

Iligan City is beautiful and offers a variety of things to visitors, such as Iligan City’s every year Diyandi Festival. While there you will be able to enjoy street-dancing parades, waterfall tours, culinary excursions, cultural performances, and city excursions. Don’t miss the opportunity to explore the city’s natural beauty as well as its lively cultural life.

Visitors can also discover the city’s landmarks of the past including The St. Michael’s Cathedral and the Timoga Swimming Pool Complex. The Cathedral is a famous architectural landmark in the city, which showcases gorgeous architecture and is an important place of pilgrimage for many Catholic fans. Additionally, The Timoga Swimming Pool Complex features numerous pools and activities like water slides, rappelling, zip lines, and more which makes it an ideal place for families as well as adventure seekers.

In addition to these visitors can also participate in ecotourism activities like walking, bird watching, and river rafting through the nearby mountains and forests of Iligan. Overall the Diyandi Festival and the city of Iligan will provide an unforgettable experience that reveals the natural beauty, the rich cultural tradition, and the warmth of the city and its residents.


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