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Exploring the Vibrant Ka-angkan Festival 2023: A Cultural Celebration Unveiled

ka-angkan festival 2023

What is Ka-angkan festival?

The Ka-Angkan Festival is an extraordinary celebration that epitomizes the spirit of kinship and solidarity among the people of Marikina City. Held annually, this festival pays homage to the families who have resided in the region for a century or more, tracing their lineage back through generations. The festival’s underlying theme, “Ka-angkan Ko, Mabuting Tao” (My clan member is a good person), is a constant reminder of the values and virtues the Marikeños uphold.

Through this event, the city aims to bring together all native Marikeños for a day filled with camaraderie and familial bonds, transcending geographical barriers that may separate them. The festivities begin with the congregation of Marikeños, eagerly awaiting the grand parade of clans. Each clan proudly displays its distinctive colors and unique banners or pennants, proudly proclaiming the nicknames bestowed upon them.

These nicknames are not arbitrary; they are intricately linked to the way of life, prominent traits, and behaviors observed within the clan’s members. The sight of the multi-clan Marikeños marching in unison, waving their banners and flags, creates a vibrant spectacle of unity and pride. Accompanied by the lively beats of local marching bands’ drums and bugles, the parade sets an exhilarating tone for the day.

Some clan members even showcase their impressive stunts, adding an extra touch of excitement and spectacle to the event. Following the parade, a program ensues, enlightening the younger generation about the origins of their respective clans and their associated nicknames. This program also serves as a platform to showcase the diverse talents present within the Marikeño clans, highlighting their cultural heritage and artistic prowess.

Ka-angkan tribute

The Ka-Angkan Festival is a testament to Marikina City’s unwavering commitment to honoring its rich history and traditions while instilling these values in the younger generation. It serves as a poignant reminder that progress and modernity should never overshadow the significance of preserving family ties and recognizing the inherent goodness in every member of society. The festival acts as a conduit between the past and the present, ensuring that the city’s heritage remains an integral part of its identity

Ka-angkan activities

Throughout the day’s festivities, Ka-angkan Festival’s various activities and attractions engage both young and old, fostering an atmosphere of celebration and unity. Traditional games and sports, such as patintero, piko, kadang-kadang and many more, are organized to evoke nostalgia among the older generations while introducing the younger ones to the joys of these time-honored pastimes.

Local artisans and craftsmen showcase their skills through exhibits and demonstrations, offering a glimpse into the city’s thriving arts and culture scene. Traditional cuisine takes center stage, tantalizing the taste buds of festival-goers with an array of mouthwatering dishes, each with its own story and significance.

Moreover, the Ka-Angkan Festival serves as a platform for charitable endeavors, emphasizing the Marikeños’ commitment to giving back to the community. Fundraising activities, donation drives, and volunteer opportunities are integrated into the festival, ensuring that it becomes not just a celebration of heritage, but also a means of making a positive impact on the lives of others. By intertwining philanthropy with festivity, the festival cultivates a sense of social responsibility and empathy among the Marikeños.

The significance of the Ka-Angkan Festival extends beyond the confines of Marikina City. For Marikeños who have settled abroad, this annual event holds a special place in their hearts. Despite the physical distance, they make it a point to return to their hometown each year to partake in the festivities, reuniting with family, friends, and fellow Marikeños. The festival serves as a reminder of their roots, allowing them to maintain a strong connection to their heritage.

What to do while in Marikina?

While attending Ka-angkan Festival, there are many places you can also visit, although a bustling urban center, Marikina successfully maintains its rich history, natural beauty, and cultural heritage. Known as the “Shoe Capital of the Philippines,” this city embraces a bike-friendly environment while exuding a serene and charming small-town ambiance.

Its commitment to preserving heritage buildings, well-maintained streets, dedicated bike lanes, public recreational areas, and lush green spaces is commendable. Moreover, Marikina boasts an array of delightful local garden restaurants, one-of-a-kind shops, and hidden treasures that contribute to its distinctive allure.

  • Jog, admire art, and bike by the riverbanks while attending Ka-angkan Festival

When you want to ride a bike or simply jog while you’re in Marikina for Ka-angkan Festival, the riverside area in Marikina stands out as a premier destination for biking enthusiasts, particularly for beginners, due to its exceptional bike-friendly infrastructure. One of its notable advantages is the restriction on motorized vehicles, ensuring a safe and tranquil biking experience.

As a result, cyclists can fully enjoy the scenic beauty along the riverside without the disturbances caused by cars or motorcycles passing through. This unique feature makes Marikina’s riverside area a preferred choice for individuals seeking a peaceful and enjoyable biking adventure. A recent addition to the attractions in Marikina is a captivating exhibition of 16 Mosaic Art pieces featuring nature scenes.

These stunning artworks can be found on the same side of the riverbanks as San Antonio de Padua Church. What makes these mosaics truly remarkable is the innovative use of unconventional materials, such as glass tiles, bottle caps, stones, plastic bottles, foam bits, slippers, plastic clothespins, and various other recycled items.

Collaboratively created by talented individuals from different barangays of Marikina, these displays were erected in December 2019 with the purpose of transforming trash into art. This unique initiative not only showcases the creativity and skill of local artists but also promotes environmental consciousness and the concept of upcycling.

  • Visit museums dedicated to miniatures, books and more while attending Ka-angkan Festival

For those with a penchant for miniature models and dollhouses, the Museum of Miniatures, located in the Riverbanks complex, is a must-visit attraction, especially for families with children. This charming museum showcases the personal collection of the late Aleli Vengua, an esteemed artist who dedicatedly crafted the majority of the miniature pieces herself using materials like plastic, wood, aluminum, fabric, and glass. As you explore the museum, you’ll be captivated by the intricate details and creativity infused into each tiny creation.

Adjacent to the Museum of Miniatures, you’ll find a collection of Nativity Scenes that are also worth exploring. These displays offer a glimpse into the diverse artistic interpretations of the nativity scene and provide cultural insights.

Museum of Miniatures is located on the 2nd level, E-com Building Riverbanks Center, Barangka Marikina City.

While at the Riverbanks complex, don’t miss the opportunity to visit the Philippine Science Centrum, which is conveniently located nearby. This interactive science museum offers a wide range of educational exhibits and hands-on activities that cater to visitors of all ages. It’s a fantastic chance to explore scientific concepts in an engaging and entertaining manner.

In addition to the Museum of Miniatures, Marikina boasts a selection of other fascinating niche museums that are worth exploring. One such gem is the Book Museum cum Ethnology Center, a captivating establishment that combines the love for books with an exploration of different cultures.

This unique museum houses an impressive collection of limited-edition books and published materials sourced from various corners of the globe. Visitors can delve into the pages of rare and valuable literary works, immersing themselves in the world of literature and expanding their knowledge.

Moreover, the Book Museum cum Ethnology Center offers an ethnological perspective by showcasing travel artifacts from different regions of the Philippines. This combination of books and cultural artifacts provides visitors with a comprehensive experience, allowing them to appreciate the diversity of both written works and the rich cultural heritage of the country.

Whether you’re a book enthusiast, a lover of cultural exploration, or simply seeking a unique and enriching experience, a visit to the Book Museum cum Ethnology Center promises to be an intriguing journey into literature and ethnology.The Book Museum cum Ethnology Center. 127 Dao Street, Marikina Heights, Marikina City. 

The renowned Marikina Footwear Museum is a small yet highly acclaimed establishment that pays homage to the illustrious collection of shoes belonging to former First Lady Imelda Marcos. Housing an astonishing 749 pairs of shoes, the museum provides a captivating glimpse into the extravagant footwear collection of this prominent political figure.

Additionally, the museum proudly showcases shoes from other notable personalities, including Imelda’s husband, former president Ferdinand Marcos, as well as legendary comedian Dolphy Quizon, among others.

Notably, the Marikina Footwear Museum was once recognized by the Guinness World Records for housing the World’s Largest Pair of Shoes. However, these shoes have since been relocated to a gallery in the Riverbanks complex, where they continue to captivate visitors.

The museum building itself holds significant historical value, as it dates back over 200 years. During the Spanish regime, it served as a granary, storing essential supplies. Later, during the Japanese occupation, it was repurposed as an artillery storage facility. This rich history adds an extra layer of intrigue to the museum, allowing visitors to appreciate the cultural and historical significance of the building alongside the remarkable footwear collection.

Whether you’re fascinated by fashion, interested in political history, or simply intrigued by the unique allure of the Marikina Footwear Museum, this distinctive attraction offers a memorable experience that intertwines artistry, celebrity culture, and a glimpse into the city’s past.

Marikina Footwear Museum, J. P. Rizal St., San Roque, Marikina City, Metro Manila.

  • Go to the vintage train beside the road while attending Ka-angkan Festival

Yes, indeed! Marikina had a train line that operated from 1906 to 1936, providing a convenient transportation option for residents and connecting the towns of Marikina and Montalban to Manila. The train line began at the Tutuban central train station in Manila and passed through Pasig before reaching Marikina.

The Daang Bakal Train Park, which recently opened across Teatro Marikina along the road previously known as “Daang Bakal” street, showcases a vintage train called the “Marikina Express.” This train serves as a nostalgic reminder of the bygone era of the Marikina train line. The sight of the train might even evoke images of the iconic Hogwarts Express from the Harry Potter films, capturing the imagination of visitors.

The Daang Bakal Train Park offers a unique opportunity to appreciate Marikina’s history and the once-vibrant train system that played a significant role in the area’s development. It serves as a reminder of the city’s rich transportation heritage and allows visitors to experience a touch of nostalgia while exploring the park’s vintage train.

If you’re interested in reliving a piece of Marikina’s past and experiencing the charm of a bygone train era, the Daang Bakal Train Park is a must-visit destination.

  • Have an early meal at Rustic Mornings before Ka-angkan Festival starts

Many Ka-angkan Festival attendees will go to Rustic Mornings since they have successfully carved out a reputation for being one of the must-try food destinations in Marikina, thanks to its distinctive blend of nature, simple architecture, and delectable cuisine. Rustic Mornings’ food scene offers a unique experience that goes beyond just satisfying culinary cravings.

They are located at 11 Isabelo Mendoza St., San Roque, Marikina City

  • Dine at Café Lidia before or after Ka-angkan Festival starts

Whether you’re seeking a delightful cup of coffee, a tempting slice of cake, or a satisfying meal while attending Ka-angkan Festival, Cafe Lidia exceeds expectations with its exceptional menu and warm atmosphere. The combination of scrumptious offerings, swift service, and cozy interior makes it a top choice for food lovers and coffee enthusiasts in Marikina City.

Café Lidia is located at 64 F. Calderon, Marikina, 1801 Metro Manila

  • Get Yourself a Souvenir before going home from Ka-angkan Festival

Before going home from Ka-angkan Festival, If you take a stroll along J.P. Rizal Street in Brgy. San Roque, Marikina, you’ll come across a delightful row of roadside stalls offering a wide array of local delicacies. These stalls are renowned for their delicious kakanin, including favorites like kutsinta, sapin-sapin, and suman. Additionally, you’ll find a selection of other treats such as fish crackers, bottled products, and more.

One particular stall that has stood the test of time is Aling Remy’s Special Delicious Puto at Kutsinta, which has been serving satisfied customers since the 1930s. This establishment is credited with popularizing puto with cheese, a mouthwatering combination that has become a beloved classic. The stall is a must-visit for those seeking a taste of this iconic treat.

As you explore further, you’ll discover numerous stalls offering an array of goodies. One notable dish to try is Marikina’s signature meatloaf, known as “everlasting.” This savory delicacy is a local favorite and can be found among the variety of offerings.

Visiting these roadside stalls not only provides an opportunity to indulge in delicious treats but also offers a glimpse into Marikina’s culinary heritage. The lively atmosphere, the tantalizing aromas, and the bustling stalls create a vibrant experience that showcases the rich food culture of the city.

So, if you’re looking to sample delectable kakanin, discover local delicacies, or simply immerse yourself in the vibrant street food scene, a visit to the roadside stalls along J.P. Rizal Street in Brgy. San Roque is an absolute must.


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