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columbio sultan kudarat tourist spot 2023
Columbio, Sultan Kudarat│Region 12│ Jude the Tourist

Columbio, Sultan Kudarat is a small municipality located in the southernmost part of the Philippines. Witness how Sultan Kudarat captures Batanes, New Zealand, Kaparkan, Palawan in just one location with its rolling hills, water falls, and underground river. As you visit this hidden tourist spot in Mindanao, you realize that Columbio is the place Dora has never explored. The area boasts many unexplored natural attractions such as waterfalls, mountains, and caves, similar to other municipalities in Region 12.

Visitors to Columbio can explore a range of sights, including an underground river, Fekung Bula Falls, La Palmera Mountain Ridge, 7 Falls, and Pangadilan Falls. Now, it has been among the top favorite and must-see destinations when one goes on a SOCCSKSARGEN backpacking trip.

Explore the Hidden Tourist Spots in COLUMBIO, Sultan Kudarat

Columbio, Sultan Kudarat is a small municipality located in the southernmost part of Mindanao. While it may not be as popular as other tourist destinations in the country, it has its own unique charm that is definitely worth a visit.

Sultan Kudarat will capture Batanes, New Zealand, and Kaparkan, Palawan, in just one location with its rolling hills, water falls, and underground river. Since the location has so much to offer and can stand on its own, let’s agree to drop the labels and comparisons. Let’s just appreciate these God-given natural wonders and recognize that Columbio in the Sultan Kudarat is the place Dora has never explored.

Columbio is a tourist destination known as “The Column of Views.” The area boasts many unexplored natural attractions, such as waterfalls, mountains, and caves, similar to other municipalities in the region. Visitors to Columbio can explore a range of sights, including an underground river, Fekung Bula Falls, La Palmera Mountain Ridge, 7 Falls, and Pagadilan Falls.

Best Tourist Attractions in Columbio, Sultan Kudarat

La Palmera Mountain Ridges

The La Palmera Mountain Ridges│Columbio│ Jude the Tourist
La Palmera Mountain Ridges

Grand La Palmera Mountain Ridges is a nature park located in the town of Columbio, Sultan Kudarat in the southern part of the Philippines.This stunning destination offers travelers a chance to experience the beauty of nature. The mountains provide a serene and tranquil atmosphere for guests to relax and unwind. The breathtaking view of the surrounding mountain ranges, which can be enjoyed from the comfort of the accommodations or from various vantage points around the place.

Guests can also explore the nearby waterfalls and streams, which offer refreshing opportunities for swimming and picnicking. For those looking for more adventurous activities, they can explore the scenic trails and enjoy panoramic views of the countryside.

Pangadilan Falls and Rock Formation

Pangadilan Falls and Rock Formation│Columbio│ Jude the Tourist
Pangadilan Falls and Rock Formation

Meanwhile, Pagadilan Falls, located in Brgy. Lomoyon, Columbio, Sultan Kudarat, requires a ten-minute uphill walk, but the freezing and stunning beauty of the landscape and environment is worth the effort. Pangadilan Falls and Rock Formation is a popular tourist attraction in Sultan Kudarat, Philippines. Pangadilan Falls is a stunning natural waterfall. Once at the falls, visitors can swim in the cool, clear waters or simply relax and enjoy the natural beauty of the area. The waterfall flows into a natural pool, which is perfect for taking a refreshing dip on a hot day.

Adjacent to the falls is a unique rock formation that is shaped like a giant mushroom. This formation is a popular spot for taking photos and admiring the natural beauty of the area. To fully enjoy the experience, it’s recommended to bring food and drinks, as there are no nearby stores or restaurants. Visitors should also take care when climbing around the rock formation, as the surface can be slippery and uneven. 

Pangadilan Falls and Rock Formation is an ideal destination for nature lovers and adventure seekers who want to explore the beauty of the Philippines’ natural landscape.

Fekung Bula Falls

Fekung Bula Falls│Columbio│ Jude the Tourist
Fekung Bula Falls

Fekung Bula is a beautiful waterfall located in the province of Sultan Kudarat in the Philippines. Situated in Barangay New Bantangan in the municipality of Columbio, the waterfall is a popular destination for tourists and locals alike.

To reach Fekung Bula, visitors must trek through a short but scenic trail that winds through the lush greenery of the area. Once at the falls, visitors are treated to a stunning view of the cascading water, which drops from a height of around 15 meters.

Fekung Bula is known for its cool and refreshing waters, which make it a perfect spot for swimming and picnicking. The area around the falls is also a great place for hiking and exploring, with several trails that lead through the nearby mountains and forests.

Visitors to Fekung Bula are advised to bring food and drinks as there are no stores or restaurants in the immediate vicinity. It’s also recommended to wear appropriate footwear and clothing for the trek, as the trail can be slippery and uneven in some places.

Sinapulan Undeground River

Sinapulan Underground River│Columbio│ Jude the Tourist
Sinapulan Undeground River

For those who cannot afford to visit more expensive destinations like Palawan, Columbio offers unforgettable experiences. The fresh and freezing underground river, located in Sinapulan, Columbio, Sultan Kudarat, is especially popular for its natural beauty and relaxing atmosphere. 

The underground river is a peaceful and serene environment, with crystal-clear waters flowing through its rocky passages. The river is surrounded by natural rock formations that have been carved by the water over millions of years, creating a breathtaking underground landscape.

7 Falls of Columbio

7 Falls│Columbio│ Jude the Tourist
7 Falls of Columbio

The 7 Falls, located in Brgy. Eday, Columbio, Sultan Kudarat, flows down in a graceful descent from steep rocks, and the rare bluish water atop the mountain blends smoothly with the surroundings to create a picturesque view resembling paradise. In summary, visitors to Columbio can experience a hidden beauty and a wondrous clean and green environment in Sultan Kudarat. So why wait? The only trip you’ll regret is the one you don’t take.

How to get to Columbio, Sultan Kudarat

Getting to Columbio can be quite a journey, especially if you’re coming from Manila or other major cities in the Philippines. You can either take a flight to General Santos City or Cotabato City, and from there, take a bus or van to Koronadal City if from Gensan airport or Tacurong City if from Cotabato airport.

The travel time can take up to 4-6 hours, depending on the mode of transportation you choose.

  • BY MOTORCYCLE: The optimal route to visit Columbio’s tourist attraction is by hiring a habal-habal or motorcycle driver from Marbel 1 Elementary School from Koronadal City, South Cotabato. From Koronadal to Columbio, the trip takes around an hour and costs about P150.
  • BY CAR: Use Google Maps or Waze to navigate, and set your destination to places you want to go, like the La Palmera Mountain Ridge in Sultan Kudarat.

What to Remember When Visiting Columbio?

  • You can spend the night in La Palmera as they offer lodges.
  • Take bug repellent with you.
  • As there are no convenience stores nearby, bring extra snacks and drinks.
  • The location has a weak phone reception.
  • Important: Be cautious to depart or arrive at the place in the daylight for your safety.
  • If you chose to get there on a motorcycle, make sure you have the contact information for your habal driver so you can easily get in touch with him when you’re ready to leave, especially if you remained overnight.

When it comes to food, Columbio has its fair share of local delicacies that are worth trying. One of the most popular dishes is the “pastil,” a rice dish topped with shredded chicken or beef and wrapped in banana leaves.

Overall, a visit to Columbio, Sultan Kudarat is a great way to explore the beauty and culture of the Region 12 in Philippines. From stunning waterfalls to rich history and culture, there is something for everyone in this small but charming municipality.


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