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Camotes Island 2023 Best Tourist Spots, Resorts, Caves (Travel Tips, Activities, Guide)

Camotes Island is a tropical paradise just off the shores of mainland Cebu located in Cebu in the Visayas Region in the Philippines. If you’re interested in exploring beyond the beaches, we’ve put together a guide to Camotes Island Tourist Spots that you should not miss while in the area!

Camotes Island is a picturesque and, in our opinion an underrated island located off the shores of Cebu. While it is a favorite weekend getaway with Cebu City residents, Camotes Island is largely off the tourist radar of foreign and the majority of domestic travelers. We believe Camotes Island has plenty to provide, and that’s why we’ve put together the top 9 Camotes Island tourist spots to add to your list when you plan an excursion to the beautiful island.

Camotes Island Tourist Spots 2023

Camotes Island is actually comprised of four distinct islands – the three largest of which comprise Pacijan, Poro and Ponson and Tulang Diot, a tiny island that lies off the northern end of Pacijan. Pacijan as well as Poro islands are connected via a causeway, making it easy to move between them via the land. 

Best Time to Visit Camotes Island

Camotes Islands is a popular getaway for weekend travelers from mainland Cebu We recommend avoiding weekends and public holidays to get a more peaceful island. Also, you should aim to avoid the dry season that runs from November to April.

How to get to Camotes Island

The fastest method of getting to Camotes Island is by fast craft departing from Mactan from Cebu. If you’re looking to drive to the island, you could take a RORO ferry to Danao Port just north of Cebu City

Explore Camotes Island 5 Magical Caves

1. Bukilat Cave – Camotes Island

Of all the caves found in Camotes, Bukilat is by far the largest and the one we make sure you don’t skip out on. It is among the most sought-after Camotes Islands tourist destinations that draw visitors from all over the world to take a look at this underground attraction. A quick descent down stairs that are rocky will take you into Bukilat Cave, an enormous expanse of stalagmites, stalactites, and rock formations.

Bukilat Cave - Camotes Island Tourist Spots 2023
Bukilat Cave – Camotes Island Tourist Spots 2023

In the central part of Bukilat Cave, you will find a small Tidal Pool, so it is recommended to visit at high tide when the water is high enough to swim in. To the rear of the cave, there is an open skylight where the trees can be seen and the vines are swaying low. Below this is an altar made of stalagmite, which is where you can indulge in all of your Indiana Jones fantasies or simply take a picture.

2. Paraiso Cave – Camotes Island

Another spectacular cave located in Camotes includes Paraiso Cave, a turquoise swimming hole that lies below the surface. Paraiso Cave is the most modern of the caves located on Camotes Island, with a restaurant and resort constructed around the cave. There are places to sit through the underground rocks, so you can enjoy quite a long time inside the cave, with no fear of claustrophobia.

Paraiso CaveCamotes Island Tourist Spots 2023

Paraiso Cave is deceptively deep with clear water it’s easy to believe that it’s only one foot deep. If you go at high tide, you’ll be chest-deep in the clearest waters you’ll likely see in your entire life.

3. Heaven Cave – Camotes Island

One of the less well-known Camotes Island caves is Heaven Cave. While not as well-known with visitors like Bukilat and Paraiso, Heaven Cave is an amazing swimming spot and is definitely worth visiting when you can spare the time. We came upon Heaven Cave accidentally as we traveled around the island without knowing of its existence.

Heaven Cave - Camotes Island
Heaven CaveCamotes Island

We paid a modest entry fee that was 60 PHP to an elderly lady who was on the property prior to taking a trip down the underground path into Heaven Cave. The tide wasn’t quite high yet which meant that the water was very shallow, and we were forced to awkwardly get around the cave. An elderly lady advised us to be on the lookout for crystals. We were unsure of which direction to go however it was something to be aware of!

4. Amazing Island Cave – Camotes Island

The name alone says it all and it definitely isn’t a disappointment. In contrast to the other beaches, it has plenty of swimming space and is deep enough to suggest taking a snorkel and mask.

Timubo Cave - Camotes Island
Amazing Island Cave – Camotes Island

At the entrance to Amazing Island Cave is a narrow channel that is sufficient for swimming – you just need to keep an eye on your head because it’s a small space and we slammed our heads several times while stepping on the rocks. If you swim in the channel, it will open up into a massive cavernous pool. It’s the place to wear a Mask and snorkel! Don’t worry, even if you’re not the best swimmer, you can still use the life jackets that are provided.

5. Timubo Cave – Camotes Island

Timubo Cave is by far the most underdeveloped cave located on Camotes Island and is little more than a hole located in the far-off lands, but that’s exactly what makes us so enthralled with it. Other than the concrete steps and lighting, the sole artificial intervention was the Catholic cave, however, there was no explanation of what significance this had.

Timubo Cave - Camotes Island
Timubo Cave – Camotes Island

A dark and a bit treacherous underground trail leads to an opening in clear, crystal-clear water. It was deep enough to warrant masks and snorkels while we swam and explored the cave’s floor.

Best Beach Resorts in Camotes Island

Top 7 Beach Resorts in Camotes Island 2023

1. Mangodlong Paradise Resort

Mangodlong Paradise Beach Resort is a world-renowned resort offering an enviable name and a hefty goal as well as a tranquil and peaceful one to some of America’s most serene islands. It is a place where locals and international guests gather as a way to escape from the rigors of daily life.

Mangodlong Paradise Beach Resort - Camotes Island
Mangodlong Paradise Beach Resort – Camotes Island

Take advantage of staying at the resort of 28 rooms featuring Asian and Modern rooms that have been roused to be near our private shoreline and the Island’s very first and only Infinity Pool.

Visitors can relax in the Bamboo Cafe and enjoy the evening light show in The Sunset Bar. Paradise also has a variety of places to relax and work spaces for get-togethers and special occasions. Mangodlong Paradise Beach Resort is an absolute paradise located on Camotes Island.

2. Camotes Flying Fish Resort

Flying Fish Resort is one of the top locations to snorkel and scuba explore Camotes Islands. It has a spectacular reef located just 50 meters from the resort’s own. People are attracted to snorkeling or diving to see and learn about stunning sea creatures of different types and colors.

Flying Fish Resort - Camotes Island
Flying Fish Resort – Camotes Island

Apart from the dive site just in front of the resort, you can take a 25-minute boat ride to the nearby reef wall that is located on Tulang Island.

The reef on Tulang Island has great marine diversity. It is a habitat for all kinds of colorful corals from tropical waters that support a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors of fish, and other creatures under the sea.

3. Santiago Bay Garden Resort

Santiago Bay Garden Resort sits on a cliff and offers breathtaking views of Santiago Bay of Camotes Islands. Santiago Bay is a peaceful village located in San Francisco, Camotes Islands. Many believe it’s the first tourist-friendly enclave within the region that provides an ideal escape from the hustle and bustle outside.

Santiago Bay Garden Resort - Camotes Island
Santiago Bay Garden Resort – Camotes Island

Santiago Bay Garden nestles in the perfect spot which covers 2.5 acres and includes trees, tropical plants that come from a variety of species, and coconut trees in the vicinity. In the vicinity of the resort, you will be able to hike and explore the island’s diverse sources.

It is possible to do whatever you want on this vast beach and the sparkling blue ocean. Many water sports are also available to rent. You can, however, simply stroll around, swim or sunbathe, among other activities that require no additional costs. Santiago resort is situated to the southwest of Pacijan Island.

4. My Little Island Hotel Resort

On this not-so-commercialized beautiful tropical island, one can only find houses, cottages, and other small structures. Schools, public markets and government buildings are the only large structures visible in a few locations.

My Little Island resort hotel. It is the only and first Hotel in Camotes Islands. It is situated at Esperanza, Poro Town. Poro Municipality has high cliffs and a long history that says it is the entrance into the Camotes Islands.

My Little Island Hotel Resort - Camotes Island
My Little Island Hotel Resort – Camotes Island

This isn’t a beach-side resort; however, you can get to the beach within just 15 minutes or less from the hotel. It’s amazing swimming room, fantastic pool, facilities, and services are sure to make your time on the island enjoyable and unforgettable.

Adventures as well as other services are available to help you discover more and discover the natural beauty and wonder of this island., including water tours and excursions.

5. Mangodlong Rock Beach Resort

Mangodlong Rock Beach Resort is a well-established located in San Francisco, one of the most desirable places to discover white beaches with clear turquoise seas on the island.

Mangodlong Paradise Beach Resort - Camotes Island
Mangodlong Paradise Beach Resort – Camotes Island

In a fishing town of the town, dubbed Mangodlong is this stunning beach and resort. The resort is comprised of 2 hectares, with vast coconut-shaded gardens, a white sandy beach, and a beach.

6. Coco Grove Nature Resort

Coco Grove Nature Resort is an excellent vacation spot situated on the beach in the Camotes Islands. It provides a variety of facilities and services for couples, smaller groups, and even larger groupings of visitors.

Coco Grove Nature Resort - Camotes Island
Coco Grove Nature Resort – Camotes Island

The resort is located in Heminsulan, Mangodlong. The resort is closely cooperating in conjunction with Mangodlong Roch Beach Resort. In fact, if you’re staying at the Coco Grove as a guest Coco Grove you have full access to all amenities at Mangodlong Resort.

7. Bano Beach Resort

Camotes Islands is proud not just for its island status but also because of its stunning surroundings that are perfect for relaxation and escape from the hectic and stressful urban areas. What Camotes Island offers is a sanctuary that offers peace and tranquility.

The cool blue waters and the cool breeze are enough to relax your exhausted body and mind. A resort on offer by the island will offer shelter and other services you may require while on the islands.

Bano Beach Resort- Camotes Island

Bano Beach Resort offers simple amenities that allow you to relax and enjoy your time. Bano provides the basic amenities you require without a lot of hassle however, it is simple.

It also has a swimming area (infinity pool) where you can use to swim in for those who don’t want seawater. It is accessible on walking…It is equipped with a Cabana…

To be much more organic, Bano resort maintains its gardens in harmony with the beautiful nature and beauty of the island in order to preserve and protect the beauty of what it has already.

Other Beach Resort to visit on Camotes Island:

1. Buho Rock Resort on Camotes Islands

Tourists visiting Camotes generally do not miss the famous natural coral formation.

It is a significant landmark in Poro because of its unique ship shape. Buho rock is a ruined resort but is now under the care of the local government

Buho Rock Resort on Camotes Islands
Buho Rock Resort on Camotes Islands

Buho Rock is a coral rock that is shaped like a small ship docked in an anchorage on an edifice in the Western Poblacion.

It is located within one of the private beachfront resorts that exist on the island. It’s a fantastic spot to sit on the view deck to see the blue ocean that makes up the Camotes ocean with the naked eye.

To ensure that you truly have fun in this particular location, Cottages are built with traditional roofs, with open sides. Sits tables and chairs are also available as well.


Summer is the best time to go beach hopping or take a dip in the turquoise waters. That’s why lots of beach lovers are searching for beaches, particularly within The Queen City of the South where you can find white sandy beaches.


There’s no question that there is numerous beachfront that is public in Cebu which is accessible and beautiful, however, generally, they are packed. If you’re one of those people who aren’t a fan of large crowds or bustling islands such as Tulang Diot Island, Tulang Diot Island located in Camotes located in Northern Cebu is the perfect vacation spot for you. For just P10 per person as an environmental charge, you can take in its white sands and crystal-clear water

3. Bakhaw Beach

Bakhaw Beach Resort is an open, white sand resort that is tranquil and private for those seeking peaceful and natural surroundings to recuperate.

To get to this location You must travel along road dirt, coconut plantations as well as green grasses and plants…

Bakhaw Beach – Camotes Island

You’ll then reach a lengthy strip of white sand that separates the blue, clear waters from the island which is lined by coconut palms

As of the moment at the time of writing, there aren’t any massive resorts with commercial structures on which you can shop and spend money on. It’s a largely completely unspoiled, undeveloped, and un-commercialized private beach located in Camotes Islands, Cebu Province.

Why Should You Visit Camotes Islands?

The Philippines is never devoid of places to visit So why not choose the Camotes? Here are a few reasons to make you want to visit Camotes.

·      A Variety of Activities

Groups of friends or families can visit the islands and be assured that they won’t be out of things to do. For those who love adventure you can take a spelunking trip across the caves. For lovers of the ocean snorkeling and diving are best experienced in the sparkling water of Camotes. For those who are spiritual and meditate There are many churches from the past on the island can be visited.

Snorkeling – Camotes Island

·      Beach Resorts

A lot of people are still under the idea about islands as off-grid locations where you must sleep with tents, and drink the water of the rivers. This isn’t the case. On the Camotes Islands, you will take in the beauty of nature as well as stay in comfortable and established resorts.

·      Escape from the city

Are you looking to escape the bustle and noise of the cities? The Camotes Islands is the destination for you. Let the stress of work behind because in Camotes you’ll get the peace and relaxation you’ve earned.

·      Fresh and Delicious Food

Fisheries and agriculture are among the top industries in the area, and you can anticipate eating only the finest there. The majority of eateries on this island offer grilled seafood that is caught in the nearby waters.

In addition to these There are plenty of other reasons to explore. You can also determine the “why” after you have gone to the islands for yourself.


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