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butuan tourist spots 2023

Located in the northern portion of Mindanao, Butuan City is a bustling metropolis with a rich history and a wide variety of sights and activities for visitors. Butuan City has various attractions, from museums to eco-parks to historic sites like Spanish-era churches and forts. Because of its natural beauty and cultural significance, the city is a must-see for anybody visiting the Philippines who wants to go beyond the typical tourist destinations.



Butuan City, Agusan del Norte, Philippines, is the location of the famous Banza Church Ruins. Those interested in history and culture frequent this location as tourists. The site has the ruins of a Spanish colonial church from the 17th century that was destroyed during World War II.

The first Butuan tourist spot is The Banza Church Ruins, an important historical site in the city and a symbol of the nation’s rich history and cultural heritage. The church was thought to be constructed by Spanish missionaries who introduced Christianity to the region in the early 1600s. The church was built from coral stone and included a thatched roof. It was also the location of a widely revered Nuestra Seora de la Candelaria image.

In the late 1800s, the church was abandoned due to the diminishing number of parishioners. It deteriorated and was ultimately destroyed during World War Two. The National Museum of the Philippines proclaimed the ruins a National Cultural Heritage after rediscovery in the 1970s.

The Banza Church Ruins are a prominent tourist destination in Butuan City nowadays. Visitors can explore the ruins, take photographs, and better understand the region’s rich history and culture. Markers and signs provide information about the church’s history and significance at the site, which has been conserved and renovated. It is also a popular location for religious and cultural activities, such as weddings and religious processions.

Visitors are encouraged to dress in comfortable clothing and footwear, carry water and sunscreen, and appreciate the cultural and historical significance of the site. The Banza Church Ruins are a must-see for history and culture buffs in Butuan City, as they provide a fascinating peek into the region’s illustrious past.

Brgy. Banza, Butuan City, Agusan del Norte, Philippines, is the site of the ruins of the Banza Church. The many routes to reach there are as follows:

  • If you own a private automobile, you can easily reach the remains by driving there and using either a GPS or human-provided directions. The site of the ruins is conveniently situated next to the main road.
  • Use a tricycle or ask a local for directions to the Banza Church Ruins. One of the city’s cheapest and most convenient modes of transportation is the tricycle, which can find just about anywhere. 
  • Take a taxi cab — they’re plentiful in the city, and you can hail one down on the street or use a taxi app to schedule a journey.

Visitors can explore the ruins of the Banza Church at no cost. Visitors are asked to respect the location’s cultural and historical value and abide by all posted rules and regulations. The place is an excellent introduction to the region’s cultural history and is easily accessible from Butuan City.

BUTUAN TOURIST SPOT: Delta Discovery Park

In the Philippine province of Agusan del Norte, in the barangay of Bonbon, is where you’ll find Delta Discovery Park as one of the Butuan tourist spots. It’s a hotspot for vacationers because it’s filled with exciting outdoor pursuits, perfect for thrill-seekers and nature lovers. Ziplining, ATV tours, and kayaking in the park’s pristine waters are just some exciting activities for visitors. A restaurant in the garden serves local cuisine, so guests can sit back, relax, and enjoy some delicious food while taking in the breathtaking scenery. The second Butuan tourist spot, Delta Discovery Park in Butuan City, is a popular destination thanks to its abundant outdoor pursuits and stunning scenery.

Activities in the great outdoors are plentiful at Delta Discovery Park. Some of the things you can do are as follows:

  • The most popular feature in the park is the exhilarating zipline ride. Flying across a river while taking in breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape is available to visitors.
  • Tourists can ride ATVs on guided tours through the park’s challenging terrain. It is an excellent opportunity to tour the park and observe the indigenous flora and creatures up close.
  • The park also provides kayaking on the river’s clean waters. It is an excellent opportunity to unwind and appreciate the park’s natural surroundings.
  • Wall climbing and rappelling are excellent activities for individuals who enjoy a challenge.
  • Also, visitors can relax and enjoy the park’s natural beauty. The restaurant in the park is a beautiful place to have a meal while surrounded by nature.

Delta Discovery Park has various activities suited to different interests and skill levels. The park has something for you whether you want thrills or want to relax and take in the landscape. Visit Delta Discovery Park, one of the stunning Butuan tourist spots.

If you plan to visit Delta Discovery Park in Butuan City, you should consider carrying the following items:

  • You should dress comfortably and wear shoes appropriate for the activities you intend to partake in, as Delta Discovery Park is an outdoor park.
  • Bring sun protection, as the park is in a tropical region where the sun may be intense. It includes sunscreen, sunglasses, and a hat.
  • To avoid getting bitten by mosquitoes and other insects, it’s a good idea to pack bug repellent, as trees and plants surround the park.
  • Due to the outdoor nature of Delta Discovery Park, you may become thirsty or hungry while visiting the park. It is important to pack water and food to remain hydrated and energized.
  • Remember to bring your camera to Delta Discovery Park to catch the beautiful vistas of the surrounding landscape.
  • It would help if you had a change of clothes in case you get wet when doing water activities like kayaking.
  • Several attractions and restaurants at the park may accept credit cards, but it’s still a good idea to bring cash just in case.

Butuan tourist spot, bringing these things to Delta Discovery Park can guarantee a pleasant and relaxing time there.

Barangay Bonbon in Butuan City, Agusan del Norte, Philippines, is where you’ll find the Butuan tourist spot, Delta Discovery Park. How to get there is as follows:

  • A personal automobile is the easiest way to get to Delta Discovery Park. A GPS device or a mobile app like Google Maps can help you learn how to get to the park. Anyone driving to the park will find plenty of parking options.
  • If you need access to a private vehicle, getting from central Butuan City to the Barangay of Bonbon is as easy as hopping on a jeepney or a multi-cab. Delta Discovery Park is just a short trike ride away. A taxi or Grab car can get you to the park, but it can cost more than taking the bus or subway.
  • To get to Delta Discovery Park, certain Butuan City tour companies provide packages that include round-trip transportation. These packages may consist of admission to other local attractions.

Traveling to one of the fascinating Butuan tourist spots, Delta Discovery Park, is accessible, and there are various ways to do so, so you can pick one that works best for your needs and budget.

BUTUAN TOURIST SPOT: Butuan National Museum

The Third Butuan tourist spot is National Museum Centrally located in Butuan City, the Butuan National Museum, is a cultural institution that highlights the history and culture of Butuan and the surrounding Caraga region. The National Museum of the Philippines opened its doors to the public in 1974, and since then, it has been a significant attraction for tourists and students of Filipino history.

Many relics and displays in the museum tell the story of the ancient civilization that once flourished there. Relics from pre-colonial times are on display, including ceramics, gold jewelry, and more. The “Butuan Boat,” a wooden vessel from the 10th century likely used for trade and transportation, is one of the museum’s most famous artifacts. The indigenous culture of the Butuanon people and other tribes in the area are also showcased in the museum’s displays, including dress, music, dances, and other cultural traditions.

A trip to the Butuan National Museum is an absolute must for anyone curious about the past and present of Butuan City and the Caraga region. With its enormous collection of objects and exhibits, the museum gives a fascinating insight into the region’s past, helping visitors better understand and appreciate its rich cultural legacy.

Butuan City, Agusan del Norte, Philippines, is home to the Butuan National Museum, located in barangay Doongan. The many routes to reach there are as follows:

  • Driving there is as easy as consulting your GPS or inquiring for instructions if you can access a private automobile. The museum enjoys a convenient and central position.
  • Take a tricycle, modern jeepney, or multi-cab Route 7 & 8 to the museum if you’re commuting from a distance. There are cheap and convenient all across the city. Multicubs, modern jeeps, and multi-cabs go throughout the city on various routes and can drop you off close to the museum.
  • Take a taxi cab — they’re plentiful in the city, and you can hail one down on the street or use a taxi app to schedule a journey.

Tuesday through Sunday, 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., with a lunch break from noon to one p.m. The admission charge is reasonable, and tour guides can provide additional information on the exhibits and artifacts. Butuan tourist spot, The museum is a must-see in Butuan City since it gives a fascinating peek into the region’s rich cultural past.

BUTUAN TOURIST SPOT: Balangay Shrine Museum

The fourth Butuan tourist spot is Balangay Shrine Museum, Philippines; you may learn about the city’s rich cultural history at the Balangay Shrine Museum. The museum honors the Balangay boats that pre-colonial Filipinos in Butuan and elsewhere in the Philippines utilized for fishing and commerce.

A reproduction of the ancient Balangay boats, found in 1976 by a team of archaeologists led by Dr. Robert Fox, is on display in the museum. They discovered the ships in the Butuan region, and experts think they date back to the fourth century AD. The museum’s replica ships were made using information uncovered by the archaeologists.

The museum is more than just a collection of Balangay boats; it also features relics and displays that provide light on the rich history and culture of the Butuan area. Artifacts such as pottery, jewelry, and weaponry used by the pioneers are among these.

Those interested in the culture of the people who once utilized Balangay boats can do so by visiting the museum and reading up on the local beliefs and customs. The museum is a one-of-a-kind resource for learning about Philippine culture and history firsthand.

Everyone remotely curious about Philippine history and culture must check out the Balangay Shrine Museum, one of the Butuan tourist spots. The museum provides an exciting context for understanding the daily lives of Butuan’s first residents and the significance of the Balangay boats to their way of life.

To visit the Balangay Shrine Museum, head to Butuan City in Agusan del Norte, Philippines. Some potential routes to the destination are listed below:

  • Major airlines like Philippine Airlines, Cebu Pacific, and AirAsia all offer flights from Manila to Butuan City. Getting to the museum from the airport is easy; take a cab, a modern jeep, multi-cab routes 4, 7, and 8, or a tricycle.
  • Traveling to Butuan City by land is easy; hop on a bus or van from any of the major towns in the Philippines, such as Davao, Cagayan de Oro, or Surigao. The museum is in the heart of the city. Thus any public transportation, such as a tricycle or jeepney, will get you there.
  • From the surrounding islands, visitors can reach Butuan City’s Nasipit Port via ferry or speedboat. It is possible to get to the museum by taxi or tricycle.

Barangay Libertad, where you may find the Balangay Shrine Museum, one of the Butuan tourist spots, is a short distance from the city’s center. Getting to the museum is easy; ask a local, or use one of the many available online maps.


The fifth Butuan tourist spot, Agusan del Norte, Philippines, Mount Mayapay, is a great hiking place. With its 615-meter elevation, it provides stunning panoramas of the surrounding area. You should check out the mountain if you like hiking, the outdoors, and exciting experiences.

As strenuous as it is, reaching the summit of Mount Mayapay is well worth the effort. The ascent can be challenging due to the trail’s steepness, but the rewarding panoramas await at the peak. Hikers can expect a variety of plant and animal life, as well as rough terrain, along their journey. The well-kept trail provides opportunities to pause and take in the scenery.

Views of the city and its environs may be seen in all directions from the peak of Mount Mayapay. During dawn and dusk, the scenery is stunning when the sky is ablaze with red, orange, and pink. Many people visit the peak to take pictures, meditate, and unwind.

Tourists searching for excitement in Butuan City should only leave after hiking up Mount Mayapay. Butuan tourist spot with its breathtaking scenery and opportunities to reconnect with nature, the mountain provides a one-of-a-kind and unforgettable experience. Also, you get to see the city while you exercise and improve your health.

Check out this packing list before heading out to Butuan City and Mount Mayapay:

  • Shoes that can handle uneven terrain and provide good grip are recommended for a hike up Mount Mayapay, such as hiking boots or sturdy sneakers.
  • Because climbing a mountain requires a lot of physical exertion, you should dress in lightweight, breathable clothing for the occasion. If you plan on spending a long time at the peak, consider bringing a change of clothes.
  • You should bring sunscreen, a hat, and sunglasses to the Philippines to shield your eyes and skin from the sun’s potentially damaging rays.
  • Avoid getting bitten by insects on the trail by bringing insect repellent.
  • Hiking can wear you down, so stocking up on water and energy-boosting snacks is a good idea before setting out. Assuming you intend to have a picnic at the peak, you should bring some food with you.
  • A first aid bag stocked with bandages, disinfectant, and pain relief is wise because mishaps occur.
  • It’s highly recommended to bring a camera or smartphone with you to Mount Mayapay so that you can record the stunning panoramas of Butuan City and its surroundings.

Pack the following items in your backpack before beginning your journey to fully appreciate the stunning views and challenging trails at the top of Mount Mayapay, one of the best Butuan tourist spots.

Below are some steps to take to reach the summit of Mount Mayapay in Butuan City, Agusan del Norte, Philippines:

  • To get to Barangay Bonbon in Butuan City, take your vehicle or motorcycle, or rent one from a local company. Hike up Mount Mayapay from this parking lot. Near the trailhead, there is a tiny parking lot.
  • You can get to Barangay Bonbon via tricycle or multicabs, moden jeepney if you’re using public transportation. Nearly anywhere in the city, you can find a tricycle or jeepney, and they’ll be a cheap and convenient method to move around. You can begin your ascent of Mount Mayapay from the village of Barangay Bonbon.
  • Taxis are also readily available around the city, and you can either hail one down on the street or use one of several ride-hailing apps to schedule a pick-up. If you want to hike up Mount Mayapay, tell the vehicle to drop you off at Barangay Bonbon.

Hikers can find local guides at the trailhead of Mount Mayapay, and the trek itself is well-marked. It’s possible to reach the peak in two to three hours, but that depends on how fast and athletic you walk. Guests are encouraged to pack light, wear appropriate footwear for trekking, and carry plenty of water and food.

Hikers and environment enthusiasts in Butuan City should explore Mount Mayapay, one of the best Butuan tourist spots. The mountain provides a one-of-a-kind and fantastic adventure, complete with breathtaking scenery and an opportunity to get in touch with nature.

After seeing the Butuan tourist spots, it is evident that Butuan City has much to offer both locals and visitors. From the historic Balangay Shrine Museum to the serene Delta Discovery Park, Butuan City provides a unique perspective on the rich cultural legacy and natural beauty of the Philippines.

Yet what distinguishes Butuan City is its kind and hospitable residents, who are always happy to share their stories and traditions with guests. Whether you are exploring the bustling markets or taking a stroll along the riverbanks, you will experience the genuine welcome and compassion of the inhabitants.

In summary, the Butuan tourist spot in Butuan City is a location to experience the warmth and vibrancy of Filipino culture. This city will leave you with unique experiences and a more profound respect for the Philippines’ beauty and diversity.


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