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Top 12 BATANES Tourist Spot: Best Breathtaking View

Nestled in the northernmost part of the Philippines, the beautiful islands of Batanes offer a unique blend of natural beauty and cultural charm. From the rolling hills of Vayang to the stunning views from Mt. Iraya, there is no shortage of breathtaking landscapes to explore. In this blog, we will take a closer look at some of the Batanes Tourist Spot, including Ivana Church, Tukon Church, and the Valugan Boulder Beach. So come along with us as we discover all that Batanes has to offer!

Batanes is characterized by its expansive undulating hills and stone dwellings. But there are other Batanes tourist destinations to explore. Tourists gradually fell in love with the laid-back atmosphere and uncomplicated way of life and wanted to return.

Batanes is a group of islands located in the northernmost part of the Philippines. It is known for its beautiful landscapes, including rolling hills, rocky shores, and green pastures. The area is also home to several tourist attractions.



1. Racuh a Payaman

The most beautiful places to visit on Batan Island are the Marlboro Hills, it is one of the best tourist spots in Batanes which people in Batanes call Racuh A Payaman. From this spot, you can see the ocean, the hills, and the sky that looks like heaven all at the same time. It has easy trails that let you get away from everyday life and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere of the green scenery.

From here, you can see cows, water buffalos, horses, and other animals that are free to roam the green hills, like cows, water buffalos, and horses. It’s good to know that the government in Marlboro Hills lets people let their animals run free. But each family can only have up to 10 heads, so there isn’t too much grass.

Racuh a Payaman. Tourist Spots in Batanes
Racuh a Payaman. Batanes Tourist Spot

Tourists can enjoy the cool ocean air while taking in the beautiful view from Marlboro Hills. Also, its picture-postcard beauty makes you want to take a picture of it from every angle. It’s one of Batanes Tourist Spot and has beautiful scenery. The beach on the islet is white sand, and there are lagoons all around it. It is surrounded by clear water and rocky shores that make it a great place for people who want to get away from it all.

You can rent a tricycle or, if you are with a big group, a van to get here.


2. Valugan Boulder Beach

Vaughan Boulder Beach is one of the best tourist spots in Batanes. It is beautiful, scenic and has a very nice sea. There are also many beautiful rock formations here. Vaughan Boulder Beach is a three-kilometer beach on Batan Island’s coast. As the name of the beach suggests, the shore is made up of boulders of different sizes. These boulders help make a fantastic landscape with almost vertical cliffs and rolling hills. Mt. Iraya, an active volcano nearby, is said to have spit these boulders out of its stomach. 

Valugan Bay in Batanes. Tourist Spots in Batanes
Valugan Bay in Batanes. Batanes Tourist Spot

Image source : https://pin.it/6z5YtVU

As the waves hit the shore, the only sounds you can hear from the beach are the loud whistling of the wind and the constant rumbling of the Pacific. Surprisingly, the beach is an excellent place to relax, especially at dawn. Even though it is a beach, you can’t swim there because the ground is too rough. Stones from the beach can’t be taken home, either.

3. Vayang Rolling Hills

Vayang Rolling Hills. Tourist Spots in Batanes
Vayang Rolling Hills. Batanes Tourist Spot

Image source : https://pin.it/5AX4YW4

The Vayang Rolling Hills in Batanes is a place of natural beauty where serene views, vast green meadows, and blue skies over the Pacific greet visitors and one of Batanes Tourist spot.This is another scene where rolling hills meet the sea. On this hilly land, cows and goats graze and move around freely. There are a few patches of cultivated land and grass in different shades of green. Tourists are treated to a beautiful view of the West Philippine Sea’s frothy waves that wrap around the boulder-filled shores.

Take advantage of the beautiful scenery and take a picture with the Chadpidan Boulder Beach in the background as you hike toward the sea.


4. Alapad Pass and Muchong Viewpoint

Alapad Pass and Muchong Viewpoint. Tourist Spots in Batanes
Alapad Pass and Muchong Viewpoint. Batanes Tourist Spot

Motchong Viewpoint is also called Imnajbu Point.

The roads in Batanes are so narrow that two cars can’t drive next to each other. This is why the famous “Blow Ur Horn” sign was made and one of Batanes tourist spot. It’s a sign or warning that someone is getting close to a road with a curve.

5. Homoron Blue Lagoon

You don’t need to travel further inland to be amazed by Batanes tourist spot. It is impossible to hide its beauty, no matter how hard you try. Batanes is an endless visual delight. All you have to do to make yourself speechless is to look ahead or turn your head.

Homoron Blue Lagoon. Tourist Spots in Batanes
Homoron Blue Lagoon. Batanes Tourist Spot

Image Source : https://pin.it/7CkOpXR

Homoron Blue Lagoon, one of the best tourist attraction in Batanes is easily found from the road, can be located here. It is easy to find the trail and park your car. Then, follow the path down to the natural pool. The water is calmer than the waves at Batanes beaches, making this an excellent option for those who wish to swim. When the Philippines was under Spanish rule, this was called the Spanish Lagoon and was only available to Spaniards. Tourists and locals are both welcome to take a refreshing swim here.


6. The Lighthouses

Naidi Lighthouse. Tourist Spots in Batanes
Naidi Lighthouse. Batanes Tourist Spot

Naidi Lighthouse

Naidi Lighthouse, located on the Naidi Hills of Basco and faces the West Philippine Sea, is sometimes also known as Basco Lighthouse. This lighthouses are relatively new and were constructed to assist seafarers crossing the West Philippine Sea or the Pacific Ocean. They also serve as tourist attractions in Batanes. It stand out like proud sentinels among the hills and cliffs where they were built and are sure to attract attention. 

7. Chamantad-Tinyan Viewpoint

Chamantad-Tinyan viewpoint is one of the best tourist spot in Batanes. It is located Sabtang, Batanes. The view from here is stunning and perfect for sunrise and sunset shots. You can shoot 360 photos or just enjoy the scenery with its amazing landscapes as well as unique rock formations.

Chamantad-Tinyan Viewpoint. Tourist Spots in Batanes
Chamantad-Tinyan Viewpoint. Batanes Tourist Spot

The area where the land is higher than others, such as the one at the roadside, is called Tinyan; the other portion, which you can follow down the foot trail through the rolling hills, is called Chamantad. Tourists have come to know this spot as Sabtang Island’s Chamantad Tinyan Viewpoint.

The Tinyan vantage point offers a spectacular view of the Chamantad Cove below and goats and cows foraging. You can also see the Pacific Ocean hugging the rock cliffs from the Tinyan viewpoint one of Batanes tourist spot. If you follow the foot trails, you can see the Chamantad Cove from a completely different perspective.


8. Morong Beach and Nakabuang Arch

Morong Beach. Tourist Spots in Batanes
Morong Beach. Batanes Tourist Spot

Morong Beach can be found at the northern tip on Sabtang Island. This beach is a bit different from most beaches in Batanes. It has a more gentle sand and waves that are ideal for swimming. Although the sand is less rocky than others, it is still coarse and contains a mix of corals, shingles, and other minerals. The iconic Nakabuang Arch, also known as Mahayaw Arch, is what made this beach so popular. This arch is not only famous in Sabtang, but throughout Batanes.

9. Chavayan Village

Chavayan Village. Tourist Spots in Batanes
Chavayan Village. Batanes Tourist Spot

Chavayan Village is one of the smaller villages on Sabtang Island in Batanes. The village is between mountain ranges and the open sea, so farming and fishing are the main ways people make a living there.

Chavayan Village is one of the Batanes Tourist spot offering views of the majestic North West Pacific Ocean. You can experience its tranquil waters and pristine marine life at a dive site about 500 meters away. The only way to reach Chavayan is by boat from any of the villages


10. Tukon Church

Tukon Church. Tourist Spots in Batanes
Tukon Church. Batanes Tourist Spot

Tukon Chapel sits modestly on top of a foothill. It is a stone eye-catcher that looks like it was given by the trees to the restless sky. In the Ivatan language, Tukon means “mountain,” which is a good name since it is mostly rough terrain in the shadow of Mt. Iraya. From this spot, you can see the wild waves of both the West Philippine Sea and the Pacific.

Tukon Church is one of the best tourist spot in Batanes. Located in Tukon, it was built during the Spanish colonization period. It was also used by Filipino patriots during World War II.

11. Chawa View Deck

Chawa View Deck. Tourist Spots in Batanes
Chawa View Deck. Batanes Tourist Spot

One of the best tourist spots in South Batan Island in Batanes is the Chawa View Deck. The view deck was built on a mountainside between the towns of Basco and Mahatao. 

The Chawa View Deck has a panorama of the sea, as well as rolling green hills and rock formations. On the top of the deck, tourists can also visit the Virgin Mary’s Grotto and sit on some cement seats.

A big part of this attraction is the steep stairs that lead to the rocky beach facing the ocean. It has more than 100 steps and more than one flight. At the bottom, there is a small area that looks different from the ocean water and is called a “mini pool.”


12. Itbayat

Itbayat, the largest of the Batanes islands, is also the Philippines and one of the best tourist spots in Batanes, the most northern municipality. Itbayat is difficult to reach by boat due to the towering waves and lack of a docking area. The island is separated by the deep water and powerful waves by the presence of rocky cliffs. Small planes can also fly from Basco to Itbayat, and they can typically carry eight people. It takes 10-15 minutes to travel by plane between Basco, Itbayat and Itbayat. Travel by boat (or faluwa), takes approximately four hours.

Mavulis Island also known as Y'ami Island in Itbayat. Tourist Spots in Batanes
Mavulis Island also known as Y’ami Island in Itbayat. Batanes Tourist Spot
Itbayat. Tourist Spots in Batanes

While the island itself is worth seeing, the Torongan Cave is one of its most notable attractions. This cave is believed to be the site of the first Austronesians from Taiwan, who arrived here in 2000 BC.


If you want to go in Batanes as a vacation destination next year, you don’t have to look any further. We’ve prepared a list of things that you can do while in Batanes. How have we missed it? Feel free to reach out and let us know what’s missing. It’s a perfect escape from all the concrete jungles that surround us. Visit also some other tourist spots in Philippines.

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