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10 Best Tourist Spots in Bohol Philippines 2023 – The Ultimate Guide


Explore the many attractions of Bohol that are loved by both tourists and Bohol residents alike. Find the top activities as well as tourist spots in Bohol like Chocolate Hills to visit in this province on the island.

One of the best Visayas tourist destinations and the top places to visit in the Philippines which deserves international appreciation can be found in Bohol. Bohol is well-known as the place to visit the famous Chocolate Hills and sanctuary for Tarsiers. It also has some of the top wedding resorts as well as beaches located in Bohol. Philippines is located in Bohol which makes it an ideal Boracay alternative.

10 Best Tourist Spot in Bohol

1. Chocolate Hills

One of the top tourist spots in Bohol is its unique geological formations that comprise more than 1000 cone-shaped hills that alter color based on the season, namely The Chocolate Hills. The hills can be viewed inside the Chocolate Hills Complex where there’s an observation deck with amazing 360deg views of the hills that are cone-shaped.

The massive mountains of earth that are chocolate-colored during the dry season , which turn green in the wet seasons are renowned throughout the world for their captivating beauty. The hills are located over a 50-square-kilometer area and are varied in dimensions.

There is no way that an excursion towards Bohol cannot be completed without visiting this famous landmark, which is also featured in the currency of the country.

It is believed that the Chocolate Hills has been declared as the 3rd National Geological Monument and is widely regarded as the Eighth Wonder of the World. There are many ways to experience a tour through the Chocolate Hills.

The view is stunning from the observation deck. take in the stunning views while riding a bicycle zipline or taking a walk on the treetop rope course at The Chocolate Hills Adventure Park, and others.

According to legends from the local area, the hills were created through two gigantics that engaged in fighting and threw rocks and rocks at one another. The mess that they left behind after their fight is believed to have led to the creation of the hills we have today.

Another legend says that the hills represent the tears of an incredibly heartbroken giant who was in love with mortals.

The third tale, which is hilarious, is about a gigantic carabao that ravaged the town and devoured every crop. The people then fed it their food waste. After the carabao feces, they slowed down to form the hills.

In actuality they Chocolate Hills are conical karst hills created through the uplift of coral deposits aided by erosion and rainwater. They are believed to be an exceptional instance of topography derived from karst and is the most significant feature of the majority of Bohol trips.

2. Beaches in Panglao

If you’re someone who enjoys the beach and the islands, the tourist spots in Bohol will not disappoint. Bohol is also famous as a white-sand beach island, as well as some of the most popular diving places throughout the Philippines that are often part of Panglao Island tours.

Panglao is among the most stunning islands of the Philippines and is linked to Bohol island through bridges. It is accessible via land vehicles. It is also the place where the airport that is being built is located .

Most of the best resorts and hotel lodges within Bohol are located on Panglao Island, some of which are among the most luxury hotels within Bohol, Philippines. The majority of tourists who enjoy the sea, sun, and sand reside in this area of Bohol due to the proximity to the beach and island.

Here are a few beaches that you can visit and explore at Panglao Island to get your much-needed sleep

Momo Beach

The beach is situated in the northern part located on Panglao Island that is relatively not well-known to the general public. If you’re looking to be away from the crowds but still need a clean white sand shoreline with crystal clear waters.

Doljo Beach

It’s a 3-kilometer long white sand beach that is low-key and quiet. Some of the best resorts on Panglao Island are located here, offering tranquil tropical retreats for travelers.

Danao Beach

You can find top-quality resorts located near its gorgeous white sand beach and turquoise waters. It’s also an excellent diving destination because of the abundant marine life.

Bolod Beach

The beach is huge and has a long beach that is perfect for families with children due to its shallow water. It is also possible to have picnics here and enjoy your day at the beach.

Bagobo Beach

It is another uncrowded beach in Panglao Island that is notable for its beautiful white sand lined with towering coconut trees. It’s a great spot not just for swimming but for divers and snorkelers as well. 

Dumaluan Beach

It is considered to be a great alternative to the famous Alona Beach if you want an uncrowded white beach with crystal clear water. One of the things you must see in Dumaluan Beach is its stunning sunset.

There are also affordable Bohol accommodation and hotels for less than half the cost of the ones located in Alona Beach.

3. Loboc River

One of the most stunning Tourist Spots in Bohol and nature attractions is Loboc River. The beautiful river is a marvel of nature which has been preserved by the efforts of Bohol’s local authorities and residents.

The beautiful river that runs through a variety of communities within Bohol is framed by beautiful tropical trees. It is ideal to wind down after a excursion through the countryside.

The most sought-after activity along this river area is Loboc River Cruise excursion which allows tourists to take a boat ride to the floating restaurant. The cruise boat will glide across the serene 1.5km long river as you eat the Filipino meal buffet.

The passengers on the boat are entertained by local musicians until you get to the bottom of the river in Busay Falls. There, you’ll be treated to an amazing musical performance that combines song and dancing. It is a great time to dance with the locals. It will be the most memorable part of your trip!

If you want to experience a different (and much more intimate) experience, take a Bohol river cruise or paddleboarding experience that is rapidly becoming a favorite for people who wish to experience the Bohol river on their own terms.

This is a fantastic opportunity to enjoy all the splendor of Loboc River without the crowd. It’s also great for those who are new to swimming and those who aren’t swimmers.


As with Bohol, which is also known as the Chocolate Hills , The tarsiers with their huge eyes are synonymous with Bohol too. These creatures that sleep at night are believed to be the largest eyes primate species in the world.

They can grow to just 15 centimeters at the maximum. They’re so adorable! Tarsiers are also found in other Philippine locations like Samar, Leyte, and areas of Mindanao. However, Bohol is renowned for its sanctuary tours for tarsiers which help to preserve and educate people about the species.

If it’s your first visit to Bohol, do not miss visiting Bohol’s Tarsier Conservation Area in Loboc or the Tarsier Sanctuary in Corella. The tarsier sanctuary allows visitors not only to observe the tiny creatures up close and personal, but also to know more about them. 

5. Hinagdanan Cave

Hinagdanan Cave excursions are an essential part of every tourist spots in Bohol itinerary. Not just for its beauty, but because it’s easy to access through The Chocolate Hills and waterfall destinations within the province. It’s probably one of the most well-known in all of the Bohol caves.

Hinagdanan Cave Hinagdanan Cave, one of the most gorgeous caves of the Philippines, has an uncluttered pool of water in the middle. It is possible to swim in the cave under the captivating sight of stalagmites and stalactites.

The term “hinagdanan” means laddered in Cebuano. The famed Bohol tourist spot is believed to have been discovered accidentally from a farmer, who constructed an unfinished ladder to enter the cave, hence the name.

The cave also has historic significance since it was used by locals as a place to protect themselves to hide during World War II.

On a visit to Panglao Island, only one person at a time is allowed to access the cave’s 100-meter length. Be aware when you travel the paths as they can be slippery due to the humidity inside the cave.

Once inside You will be treated to a stunning view of a freshwater lagoon which is about 10-12 meters deep.

The light reflects off the cave’s entrance, giving the entire area the most relaxing, mysterious glowing. It’s unlike any other pool you’ve ever experienced! After you’ve finished taking a swim, you may want to browse the shops selling souvenirs right in front of the cave.

6. Man-Made Forest  

Explore an area that is among the most beautiful tourist spots in Bohol; it’s Bohol’s Bilar Man-Made forest. The reforestation program that began in 1947 and was started at the time of Governor Conrado Marapao. It was designed to stop Loboc watershed’s deforestation.

It was a success since many laborers as well as government officials, locals, as well as students worked together to plant the seeds. It comprises 20000 hectares spread across cities like Loboc, Batuan, Carmen, Valencia, Jagna, Sierra Bullones, and more.

The Bilar Man-Made Tree Forest, which is frequently a part of the Bohol excursion, is perfect to stroll slowly through an unnatural tunnel created by the canopy of trees well-spaced. It’s a serene area, which is why it’s perfect to consider an easy stop-over prior to your next Bohol excursion. The forest is located just north of it.

It is spread over 2 km and is constructed of red and white mahogany trees. It is frequently combined with other tourist destinations like Chocolate Hills in a guided tour of Bohol.

7.Blood Compact Shrine 

If you’re looking to experience more of the tourist spots in Bohol’s past colonial glory, ensure you visit the next attraction on your list.

The Sandugo also known as the Blood Compact Shrine monument found in the Bo-ol district in Tagbilaran City is a landmark in the area that was the site of first international agreement of friendship between Spanish and Filipinos. It is a very popular stop on the Bohol day excursion.

This site is a pivotal point in our history which almost certainly led us to becoming the people we are today. This Blood Compact Shrine is a representation of Sikatuna and Legazpi during the famous “Sandugo” moment, as the former pledged their loyalty toward the second. The National Artist makes it for Sculpture, Napoleon Abueva.

It’s also an easy journey since it’s only on the main roads that you’ll travel on through the city. You can hire tricycles from the town’s main street and then take a bus to Dao. Dao terminal. Take the bus that runs to Barangay Bo-ol.

If you’re not a fan of commutes and would like to go to Bohol’s Sandugo Shrine along with other popular tourist destinations You can take part in this exciting sightseeing tour in Bohol.

There is also the option of taking part in a tour that takes in the top of Panglao natural and historical places over the course of a day! Take pictures of this significant historical event.

8. Bohol’s Waterfalls

Relax and unwind in the tourist spots in Bohol’s well-known waterfalls. You can take a dip at the stunning waterfalls that are accessible via public transport or by taking part in the Bohol waterfalls adventure.

Mag-Aso Falls

20 km from Tagbilaran and situated in the forests within Barangay Can-omay are hidden waterfalls named Mag-Aso Falls, named after “aso” or smoke due to the smoke-like drizzles which result from the powerful drop of water.

Of the 20 waterfalls in Bohol the Bohol waterfall is the one that is easily accessible within the Capital Tagbilaran City and is also less crowded since it’s not yet commercialized. A must-try half-day trip in Bohol.

Twin Falls

About an hour’s drive away from Alona Beach is one of the most beautiful natural spots in the area. The waterfalls themselves are sparkling clean! Enjoy a dip in the aquamarine waters and enjoy the stunning view it provides. The area is very popular and you can expect to see a lot of people when you visit.

Camugao Falls

The waterfall is located in Balilihan, Bohol. It is one of the most highly-rated waterfalls in Bohol due to the fact of its amphitheater-like cascading water. You can relax and swim in the water for all the time you want!

Kawasan Falls

There’s also Kawasan Falls that is located in Bohol in addition to the famous one located in Cebu. The gorgeous waterfall is a huge drop of over twenty meters, and it’s blessed by clear and clear waters. It’s included in all waterfall trips in Bohol.

9.Bamboo Hanging Bridge

You’ve seen hanging bridges but have you ever crossed one that is entirely made of bamboo? This famous hanging bridge, which is frequently part of a tour in tourist spots in Bohol, is constructed from bamboo straps woven into a rope and extends across a gentle river

The locals call it Tigbao Hanging Bridge. There is a fee for entry but you’ll have free entry to the tourist destination if you are part of an excursion to Bohol because it’s typically included in the tour itinerary.

The Tigbao Hanging Bridge is situated at Sevilla, Bohol. It is suspended 83 feet above the Loboc River and is the main link between two barangays within the town.

It can be scary to cross it initially, particularly in case you are afraid of high places. Don’t be afraid! It’s a safe and unique opportunity to see a full view of Loboc River. Loboc River.

To ensure its structural stability The bridge is equipped with cables that assure its stability. The reward for climbing the heights and wobbling? A souvenir shop on the other side.

It’s not exactly a tourist destination and crowded, but at least it’s something! If you’re a local looking for new activities to try or looking to discover the best in Bohol it’s something you must include on your list.

10. Bohol Bee Farm

After all the exploration you’ll be undertaking in Bohol it’s likely that you’ll become hungry! Bohol Bee Farm Bohol Bee Farm included in the day-long tour on Panglao Island offers organic food that is expertly prepared by its chef-owner, Vicky Wallace. It’s also among the top eateries located in Bohol.

Contrary to what’s written about this attraction, bees aren’t really the stars in this attraction; it’s the food.

It is located in the Bohol Bee Farm is a private resort that is the most sought-after stop on an Panglao excursion before traveling toward Panglao Island’s Alona Beach. It’s situated on a cliff , where guests can enjoy an unwinding view of the sea when dining outside. Make reservations for Bohol Tours at the Bee Farm to explore Bohol Bee Farm without any hassle.

The hand-carved dining set that comes with incredible food items (like the squash appetizer bread, with its incredible spreadings) is the best. Also, yes, the floral arrangements that you see on your plates are designed for eating! Also, you must try their fresh soups, salads, or seafood meals.

Do not miss out on a trip to The Buzzz Ice Cream just across the street from the restaurant. They provide distinct flavors of ice-cream like tomato, malunggay, spicy coconut, and ginger. All of these 

are served on cones made of dried cassava.

You can also purchase organic food products and souvenirs at their shop, like honey!

Plan Your Bohol Trip Now! 

There’s a lot to explore and experience in Bohol From the famous Chocolate Hills, the adorable islands, tarsiers, and beaches that are brimming with marine life, to the exciting activities at adventure parks. Bohol is a perfect getaway for nature-lovers who love snorkeling and diving and adrenaline junkies. It’s also a great destination for honeymooners and couples, because it’s one of the most romantic destinations to visit in the Philippines. This is certainly one of the reasons you should travel to the Philippines.


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