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10 Best Siargao Tourist Spots in 2023

siargao tourist spots 2023

Siargao Tourist Spots are often referred to as the Surf Capital of the nation or also known as The island province comprises 48 isles and islands, is made up of nine municipalities, and is the home of some of the country’s most popular and fascinating surfing waves, which are well-known to surfers across the country.

Siargao Tourist Spots is also known for its Escape to Paradise in Siargao and is frequently visited for a variety of different reasons. It is a destination for people who love exploring places and spending lots of time surrounded by nature’s beautiful wonders. Siargao Island is blessed by a wealth of marine life that lives in the sea and making it an ideal diving location as well as a fishing place. Siargao Island is a game fishing spot in the Philippines and hosts the annual Game Fishing Race in April. Blue Marlin and Yellow Fin Tuna are among the top game fish found here.

Of course, the list of reasons to have more fun in Siargao isn’t exhaustive without mentioning the locals who serve as their Escape to Paradise in Siargao. The people of Siargao live a comfortable lifestyle and have an unmistakable culture and a collection of customs. However, what is more, impressive is that the locals are extremely welcoming and friendly to tourists. Tourism is, after all, their main occupation together with copra cultivation and circulation of seaweed. Siargao Tourist Spots is more fun because you’re not only enveloped by the most stunning nature as well as those who are friendly to people.

Where is Siargao Island Located?

Siargao is a teardrop-shaped small island located on the northeastern coast of Mindanao.

How to get to Siargao Island?

  1. Fly Direct to Siargao with Skyjet Airlines from Manila.
  2. Fly via Cebu with Cebu Pacific or Philippine Airlines.
  3. Fly to Surigao City then take a FERRY to Siargao.
  4. Fly to Butuan then BUS to Surigao City then FERRY to Siargao.
  5. Ferry from Surigao City to Siargao Island.

Source from https://www.rome2rio.com/

What is the cheapest way to get to Siargao Island?

The cheapest way to get from Manila to Siargao Island is to bus and Outrigger Boat which costs ₱1,800 – ₱2,700 and takes 2 days 3h. What is the fastest way to get from Manila to Siargao Island? The quickest way to get from Manila to Siargao Island is to fly which costs ₱3,100 – ₱8,000 and takes 4h 12m. 

(Source from https://www.rome2rio.com/)

10 Best Siargao Tourist Spots

1. Cloud 9’s Sea Waves Surfing – Siargao Tourist Spots

Cloud 9 is the most sought-after surfing spot in Siargao. The best Enchanting Escape to Paradise in Siargao Tourist Spots is located in General Luna. Cloud 9 is well-known for its barreling right-hand wave and hollow tubes with a thick, hefty wall that can make any experienced surfer’s heart beat faster.

Cloud 9's Sea Waves Surfing - Siargao Tourist Spots, Philippines
Cloud 9’s Sea Waves Surfing – Siargao Tourist Spots, Philippines

The best part of this is that Cloud 9 has excellent waves all year. But from September to December, head to the beach to take advantage of the ocean’s best surfing conditions. The busiest surfing season of this year is the last third of the year. Travelers and surfers come from all over the world to take advantage of the strongest swells. Cloud 9 tours are well-known as the preferred venue to show the talent of international and local surfers in every year’s International Surfing Competition, which is typically held between late September and the early part of October.

2. Sugba Lagoon – Siargao Tourist Spots

The island of Siargao, or Siargao Tourist Spots Sugba is home to the most well-known lagoon. You must take a 30-minute boat voyage to get to this magnificent location. This is the location where you may go paddle boarding, ledge leaping, kayaking, bamboo rafting, snorkeling, and even free diving. a lagoon with its own special beauty.

Sugba Lagoon is an amazing hidden gem hidden in the tranquil city of Del Carmen in Siargao. It is a breathtaking spot in the mysterious mangrove forest, surrounded by mountains.

Visitors can enjoy a beautiful swimming spot in Sugba Lagoon, which is 4,000 hectares of blue water away from the bustle of General Luna. You can stand your ground or relax in perfect solitude.

Sugba Lagoon - Siargao Tourist Spots Philippines
Sugba Lagoon – Siargao Tourist Spots, Philippines

You will find calm salt waters here. to truly savor the location. To navigate Sugba Lagoon, a paddle board must be rented. a lot of fun to paddle around in kayaks and on a board. This area is home to numerous natural wonders, including enormous rock formations. a must-see location.

3. Magpupungko Rock Pools – Siargao Tourist Spots

Make sure you visit at the right time, and you’ll enjoy crystal clear waters and that cliff jump experience that you’ve always wanted to experience. These unique tidal pools are also great for taking pictures thanks to their one-of-a-kind pools and rock formations.

Magppungko Rock Pools - Siargao Tourist Spots, Philippines
Magpupungko Rock Pools – Siargao Tourist Spots, Philippines

It is possible to dive off the nearby cliffs or visit the caves that surround that crystal pool. Be aware that climbing up the rocks could cause bruises and scratches. The pools are situated within Pilar, which is the region’s principal tourist attraction. The trip to Magpupungko, one of the best Siargao Tourist Spots is only 45 minutes, from General Luna, but you can hire a van for the trip when you travel in an entire group.

4. Guyam Island – Siargao Tourist Spots

Don’t be deceived by its size. Guyam Island may be small, but you’ll soon be charmed by its turquoise water, powdery sand, and coral reefs. There are hammocks as well as swings for those who take a break, read a book, or just take a nap while they listen to the sounds of the sea waves near the pillars of the beach.

Guyam Island is very small. Nonetheless, this is the place to go if you are desperate for some swimming, tanning, relaxation, drinking, and basketball. Although the island has a small bar and restaurant, I advise packing your own meals. Food poisoning is not widely reported in the Philippines since it is difficult to find fresh water on these tiny islands. Consider it a picnic on an island, then!

Guyam Island - Siargao Tourist Spots, Philippines
Guyam Island – Siargao Tourist Spots, Philippines

As a result of the island’s abundance of coconut trees, buko juice can be enjoyed there (coconut juice). For a small fee, a native guide will gladly climb the tree and crack open the coconut for you. If you don’t enjoy an ice-cold buko drink on Guyam Island’s beach, your experience will be lacking.

5. Waves in Pacifico Beach – Siargao Tourist Spots

Best Pacifico Beach one of Siargao Tourist Spots offers technical breaks for advanced surfers. It is ideal for those looking to break away from the bustling Cloud 9. Long and winding roads lined with palm trees that are lush will take the way toward Pacifico Beach. A ride through the palm trees before arriving at this stunning surf beach can make you feel like you’re in a movie.

Waves in Pacifico Beach - Siargao Tourist Spots, Philippines
Waves in Pacifico Beach – Siargao Tourist Spots, Philippines

Despite the lengthy travel, savor every second. You won’t be able to reproduce the memory of strolling through these serene palm-lined alleys after you return to the city. It is a component of the tidal pool and cave experiences in Siargao.

The long journey will be worthwhile no matter which route you take. The most romantic escape in General Luna is Pacifico Beach, which is located far from the busy tourist sites. Pacifico Beach is tucked away in Siargao’s northern region, one hour’s drive off the main road.

6. Naked Island – Siargao Tourist Spots

In the “Surfing Capital,” surfing isn’t the only interesting activity available. In the Philippines, Siargao is a famous destination for island hopping. It is hardly surprising given that Siargao is home to a number of pristine islets that are the stuff of beach lovers’ fantasies. A trip to Naked Island is one of the islets you shouldn’t skip. 

Naked Island - Siargao Tourist Spots, Philippines
Naked Island – Siargao Tourist Spots, Philippines

One of the three islands seen from General Luna’s shoreline is the subject of Naked Island trips. Along with Naked Island, the other two islands that make up the highly recommended island-hopping tour in Siargao are Daku Island and Guyam Island.

Except for a few shells that the waves have brought in, Naked Island, a 200-meter-long stretch of sand in the midst of the Pacific, is utterly deserted.

7. Enchanting Sohoton Cove National Park – Siargao Tourist Spots

You’ll be in awe of Sohoton Cove National Park’s breathtaking splendor the best Siargao Tourist Spots. It’s simply a one-hour boat ride from Siargao’s Dapa port to this secret paradise on Bucas Grande Island. There are hidden treasures in Sohoton Cove National Park that will intrigue and astound you. Its Blue Lagoon is frequently contrasted with a few of El Nido, Palawan’s lagoons.

Enchanting Sohoton Cove National Park - Siargao Tourist Spots, Philippines
Enchanting Sohoton Cove National Park – Siargao Tourist Spots, Philippines

You can’t help but be in awe of Sohoton Cove’s unadulterated beauty, which is surrounded by enormous and majestic green limestone cliffs and dazzling blue waters. It’s frequently included in this Siargao day trip along with a tour of Naked Island.

The lagoon near Sohoton Cove, which is home to tens of thousands of stingless jellyfish, is another outstanding natural attraction. When first introduced, tourists were permitted to swim among the gelatinous animals of the cove as the jellyfish were innocent.

8. Tropical Feast at Daku Island – Siargao Tourist Spots

Daku Island, the most well-known of Siargao’s three well-known islands, is also it’s most beautiful. Imagine swimming in crystal-clear water with a clear view of a variety of fish and coral reefs.

The largest and most visited island during a day of island hopping in Siargao is Daku Island. A tour is the most convenient way to visit Daku Island. These island-hopping excursions often follow a similar route and make stops at Daku Island, Naked Island, and Guyam Island.

Daku Island - Siargao Tourist Spots, Philippines
Daku Island – Siargao Tourist Spots, Philippines

After spending the morning traveling from island to island, this beautiful stretch of beach with its cottages and coconut trees is the ideal place to rest for lunch.

You are welcome to bring your own meals, or even better, buy fresh fish on Siargao’s main island and have locals prepare it for you at Daku Island. Get lost under the coconut without fear.

9. Cool Water of Taktak Falls – Siargao Tourist Spots

Taktak Falls is the only waterfall on Siargao, and it will be worthwhile to include it in your schedule considering its proximity to Alegria Beach and Pacifico Beach.

Taktak is nevertheless a lovely vista, even though it might not be as impressive as some waterfalls, such as those in Cebu’s Kawasan Falls. Due to its location in a woodland region, it’s also an excellent place to get away from the hot sun. Due to the substantial shade supplied by the trees, and the cold water of the waterfalls, themselves cool air will meet you when entering the waterfalls.

Cool Water of Taktak Falls - Siargao Tourist Spots, Philippines
Cool Water of Taktak Falls – Siargao Tourist Spots, Philippines

Water from Taktak Falls one of Siargao Tourist Spots is gently falls down a steep ledge into a tiny pool of blue-green water. With neighborhood kids, you can try cliff jumping if you’re a daring person. Or, you can splash around in the icy water at the bottom of the ocean and capture a few pictures to bring back with you as mementos.

There is no better place to do it if you want to lie in a comfortable position, unwind, and relax in a peaceful environment. You can sit in the cottages that line the waterfalls and listen to the sounds of the water.                      

10. Corregidor Island – Siargao Tourist Spots

Siargao offers several great places for hiking as well. You might want to check out Corregidor Island, commonly known as Casolian Island if you enjoy hiking.

One of Siargao Tourist Spots is Corregidor Island, which is 45 minutes away by boat from General Luna. If you’re up for a leisurely stroll over grassy slopes, rolling hills, and lush coconut trees to the white sand and pebble beaches of Corregidor, it’s a fantastic side trip.

Corregidor Island - Siargao Tourist Spots, Philippines
Corregidor Island – Siargao Tourist Spots, Philippines

A panoramic view of the Pacific Ocean and adjacent islands can be seen by hiking to the top of Corregidor Island. The seascape of Corregidor Island is equally beautiful as the land.

The island is the perfect place for snorkeling because it is surrounded by dazzling blue waters and vibrant coral reefs. You can take a day vacation to Corregidor with your pals and bond through activities like a beach picnic, snorkeling, and paddle boarding.

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